Introducing Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat

Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat, Glacier Gray

Great news—we’ve expanded the Rayward Apparel sun protection collection with the launch of our first hat, the Sun Ops UPF Bucket Hat. Designed for all-day UV protection, the Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket hat blends performance with multi-season comfort and style. You can shop our highly-anticipated Sun Ops bucket hat now, or continue below for product features!

UPF 50+ Protection

The Sun Ops bucket hat features everything you need in wearable sun protection (and nothing you don’t). Of its many features, the most critical is its UPF 50+ sun protection rating. This is achieved through a semi-reflective polyester fabric that blocks greater than 98% of damaging UV rays.

Lightweight & Breathable

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops bucket hat features a lightweight polyester/spandex blend to keep weight down (and sun out). The unlined interior serves as a vent, minimizing trapped heat and allowing your head to regulate its temperature. Additionally, the polyester blend helps wick moisture away from your head. Your sweat, for example, will be drawn into the quick-drying fabric where it can quickly evaporate to keep you dry.

Shapeable 3” Brim on the Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat

A 360-degree brim wraps around the crown, supported by a soft, shapeable foam layer. This allows you to angle the brim up or down to suit your sun protection needs. The Sun Ops bucket hat’s 3” brim is perfect for all-purpose sun protection. Any smaller and you sacrifice all-important sun protection, but any larger and weight or bulk could become an issue.

Rayward Apparel's Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat, Navy Blue

Adjustable Fit

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ bucket hat is available in two sizes, Small/Medium (S/M) and Large/Extra Large (L/XL), based on head circumference. The S/M measures 58 cm around the crown, while the L/XL measures 62 cm around. The circumference is further adjustable with an elastic drawcord, allowing for a custom fit. This discreet drawcord is at the rear of the crown, directly above the brim, and can be adjusted with ease. An adjustable chin strap provides additional security and can be tightened to prevent the bucket hat from flying away.

The Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat is Travel-friendly & Packable

Sun protection apparel is no good if left at home. With that in mind, we prioritized both portability and packability with the Sun Ops UPF bucket hat. Thanks to its soft brim and crushable crown, simply roll, fold or toss the Sun Ops bucket hat into any bag. Additionally, its trivial weight won’t burden your pack (or your head) when traveling light.

Sensible Style

One thing you’ll notice right away about Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ bucket hat is its minimalistic, yet sensible style. The front of the crown features a single embroidered ‘Rayward Apparel’ logo, and our lightweight fabric allowed us to do away with eyelets. The fabric color options are equally sensible, launching in both Navy Blue and Glacier Gray. For reduced glare, each color pairs with a dark underbrim.

Most Importantly… Our Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat is Available Now!

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hats are available now. For maximum sun protection and outdoor comfort, pair the Sun Ops bucket hat with our new UV-protective neck gaiter and lightweight sun hoodie, both available now!

Remember, 5% of Rayward Apparel’s profits, including those from purchases of the Sun Ops bucket hat, are donated to organizations leading the fight against skin cancer. You make this possible, all while encouraging us to pursue our mission: More Adventure. Less Exposure.

Sun Protection for Your Hair

UV Protection Hats for Women

You likely know by now that the sun’s UV rays damage your skin, but did you know that the sun also damages your hair? That’s right! The same harmful UV radiation that leads to sunburn takes a major toll on the health of your hair and scalp. Keep reading to learn how to protect your hair and stave off sun damage with UV protection hats for women and men, in addition to hair products formulated for sun protection.

How Does the Sun Damage Your Hair?

Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays leads to damaged cuticles, or the outside cover of each strand of hair. Too much sun exposure also damages the keratin protein in your hair, which is its key structural material. Additionally, using hair irons, straighteners and rollers, as well as spending time in swimming pools with chlorinated water, contributes to hair damage by weakening your hair’s natural defenses. Plus, if your hair is light-colored or fine, it’s especially susceptible to UV damage.

Not Wearing a UV Protection Hat? Check for Signs of Sun Damage to Your Hair

Sun damage looks different for each hair type, but common signs include dry or brittle strands, discoloration, split ends, frizziness or thinning. Ultimately, sun damaged hair is difficult to manage, and dries quickly. If your hair looks and feels dry, there’s a good chance it has suffered from sun damage. It doesn’t take long for healthy hair to succumb to the sun’s harmful UV rays, but fortunately there are ways to protect it. Speaking of which…

Woman Protecting Her Hair with a UV Hat

Protect Your Hair with UV Protection Hats

The simplest, most effective and least expensive method of hair protection is with UV protection hats for women and men. Hats rated with a UPF 50+ sun protection factor will block over 98% of UV rays (especially critical in exposed areas like beaches). This probably goes without saying, but keep in mind that UV protection hats only protect the hair secured within your hat. If your hair extends below the shade line of your sun hat’s brim (and putting your hair up is not an option), then you could consider hair products specifically formulated to shield your hair from UVA and UVB rays. These are available in liquid and spray formulas and protect your hair similar to how a broad spectrum sunscreen would protect your skin. To reduce the effects of chlorine or sea water on your hair, thoroughly rinse your hair with clean water as soon as you can.

Additionally, UPF neck gaiters are also an option. The multi-functional tubes of fabric, often simply referred to as neck gaiters, can be fashioned into many styles of headwear, including foulards, scarves and hoods. You can even turn neck gaiters into a hat or hat liner!

How to Fix Sun Damaged Hair

For hair that has already been damaged, try repairative hair products, such as a conditioner appropriate for your specific hair type. While we’re experts on UPF apparel, we suggest speaking with your stylist or barber about which hair products are best for you. Fortunately, sun damage to your hair is usually not permanent. Going forward, take care of your hair by following a restorative hair regimen and protect yourself in the sun with our UV protection hats.

To learn more about our UV protection hats, gaiters and sun shirts for men and women, shop Rayward Apparel today!

For an-always-useful refresher on the sun and your skin, check out this video:

Sources: Cleveland Clinic

Sun Hats: Expectation vs Reality

Man with bucket hat and camera

Are you missing out on the benefits of sun hats because of an outdated set of expectations and misconceptions? For instance, we often hear that sun hats cost too much or are uncomfortable, bulky and not as good as sunscreen. Well, if you haven’t worn a sun hat before (or in a while), then it’s time to reconsider sun hats because a lot has changed. In addition to fabric and design improvements making sun hats safer and more comfortable, you now also have many more design options to match your personal style. All of this creates a disconnect between the expectation and reality of consumers and their sun hats, so let’s dig a little deeper to uncover what you should really expect from sun hats for men and women.

Cost of Sun Hats

  • Expectation: Sun hats cost too much.
  • Reality: In the long run, sun hats will save you money.

Sun hats will require a greater upfront investment (although many quality sun hats for men and women are available for less than $40, including one from Rayward Apparel), but they’ll save you money in the long run. How? We’re so glad you asked! Wearing a men’s or women’s sun hat will mean you need less sunscreen for your head, and it could also save you on costly medical visits to treat sun spots, skin damage and, worst of call, cancer.

Comfort and Sun Hats

  • Expectation: Sun hats are hot and uncomfortable.
  • Reality: New fabrics allow for lightweight, breathable sun hats.

The expectation of hot, heavy sun hats may have been true back in the olden days, but modern apparel fabrics have changed the game. It’s now possible to create lightweight hats that are still protective, yet breathable and moisture-wicking. Of course, not every sun hat is equally comfortable, which is why we prefer our sun hats for women and men over the typically heavier straw-style sun hats.

Rayward Apparel's Sun Ops Bucket Hat

Convenience of Sun Hats

  • Expectation: Sun hats are too big and bulky.
  • Reality: Modern sun hats come in lightweight, packable and machine-washable styles.

If weight and size are a factor in choosing your sun hat, then consider that modern sun hats come in a variety of styles, including lightweight, easily packable fabrics with foldable brims. With Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops bucket sun hats for men and women, you can even throw your hat in the washing machine for easy-care cleaning!

Sun Hat Styles for Women & Men

  • Expectation: All sun hats look like straw-style beach hats.
  • Reality: There are countless styles of sun hats.

In choosing a sun hat, you’ll discover countless styles of sun hats for women and men. Whether you prefer a bucket hat (our personal favorite), baseball-style headwear, wide-brimmed beach hats, Panama hats or something more formal, the good news is that you have plenty of options!

Sun Hat for Women's UV Protection

Effectiveness of Sun Hats

  • Expectation: Sun hats aren’t as effective as sunscreen.
  • Reality: Sunscreen is safer if worn WITH a sun hat.

As long as your sun hat features a UPF 50+ rating, which means over 98% of UV rays are blocked, then you can trust the protection of your hat. The real question, however, is how much of your head, face and neck is your hat protecting? A baseball hat, even one with a UPF rating, offers little to no protection for your ears and neck. A wide-brimmed hat, on the other hand, is much more likely to provide effective protection for your ears and face. Just remember to also wear sunscreen to block those pesky indirect UV rays that bounce upwards from reflective surfaces like water and sand.

This Harvard Health article does a nice job outlining proper sun protection, and goes so far as to say that you should “always wear appropriate protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved clothing, and pants when possible.” It’s easy to compare sunscreen and sun hats as an either or, but the reality is you should be wearing broad spectrum sunscreen AND sun hats for men and women.

Has your reluctance about wearing a sun hat ever led to a sunburn? If so, relax. If you’re currently sunburned, check the advice below for the best treatment of a sunburn. Next, consider if your sunburn could have been prevented by wearing one of our sun hats for women or men. Either way, learn what you need to do differently to avoid repeating this mistake:

Great news! There are plenty of sun hats to choose from, including brand new UPF 50+ bucket sun hats for men and women from Rayward Apparel.

Why You Need a Sun Hat AND Sunscreen

Sun Hat and Sunscreen for UV Protection at the Beach

Worn properly, and together, the combination of broad spectrum sunscreen and sun hats with UV protection creates an excellent barrier against UV damage. The key, of course, is wearing them together. If sun hats and sunscreen are great individually, they’re practically unbeatable when teamed up. They both have their strengths, and also their limitations, so let’s dig into why you need to wear BOTH for the best sun protection.

For Constant Protection Against Direct UV Rays…

It’s hard to beat a sun hat with UV protection. When made with lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, such as those from Rayward Apparel, sun hats comfortably and instantly shield against harmful UV rays. Here are but a few of the reasons our sun hats with UV protection are a must-have for sun safety:

  • UPF-rated sun hats are always broad spectrum.
  • Nothing’s easier than putting on a sun hat (and you never have to “reapply”)
  • UPF sun hats are instantly UV-protective; no need to wait 30 minutes.
  • Sun hats are odorless and don’t feel greasy or sticky.
  • Your hair is better protected with a sun hat.
  • The shade of a sun hat helps keep your head and body cool.

Given a sun hat’s advantages over sunscreen, especially in quickly protecting your scalp, it’s hard to imagine looking anywhere else as the first step in daily sun protection. This is especially true during the midday hours between 10 AM and 4 PM when the sun’s UV rays are most intense. Therefore, whenever you head outside, wear your sun hat! But remember…

Don’t Forget About Indirect UV Rays

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for Your Face

Did you know that the sun’s harmful UV rays don’t only come from above? In fact, UV rays can reflect off many surfaces. Worse yet, these reflected UV rays, known as indirect UV radiation, are still strong enough to damage your skin. Therefore, even if you wear an extremely wide-brimmed hat, it’s nearly impossible to block the UV rays reflecting upwards at your face from reflective surfaces like water, sand, snow and ice. 

So, what do you do? Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you to constantly cover your entire face with UPF fabrics, which isn’t always comfortable or convenient. The simple alternative is to wear your sun hat with UV protection, which takes care of the direct UV rays from above, while also applying broad spectrum sunscreen to your face, neck and all other areas that could be exposed to indirect sun damage. Easy enough, right?

There are a few key things to consider when using sunscreen in addition to your sun hats with UV protection:

  • Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen to block both UVA and UVB rays.
  • As with any sunscreen, remember to reapply every two hours, and more frequently if submerged in water or sweating.
  • If available, choose a water-resistant sunscreen (but still reapply every two hours).
  • Apply your sunscreen about 30 minutes before you’ll be out in the sun.

And there you have it:

Applying broad spectrum sunscreen = good.

Wearing sun hats with UV protection = better!

Wearing UPF sun hats AND sunscreen = BEST!!!

To shop Rayward Apparel’s collection of UPF apparel and sun hats with UV protection, visit our online store today!

For additional sun protection tips, check out this helpful skin cancer awareness guide from the CDC. Plus, for an illustration of how to apply sunscreen to your face, along with how it looks through UV cameras, check out this interesting video:

A New Way to Think About Sun Protection

Caribbean Beach for Sun Protection Hats

For many people, protection against UV damage starts and stops with sunscreen. This of course is both good and bad. It’s good if broad spectrum sunscreen is being used to prevent UV damage. It’s bad, however, if your sun protection plan relies exclusively (or even disproportionately) on sunscreens. If sunscreen isn’t enough by itself, what else should you rely on for your sun protection? The answer is simple and just requires a new way of thinking about sun protection. Keep reading to find out why UPF apparel, including men’s and women’s sun hats, should form the foundation of your sun protection.

Get Your Priorities Straight (and Wear a Sun Hat)

This isn’t a radical new approach to sun protection, but rather a realignment of how you prioritize the components of your sun protection. The most effective sun protection includes sunscreen, but uses it in support of more practical, cost-effective measures, such as UPF sun hats and UPF clothing. 

Here are some of the reasons your sun protection should start with UPF-rated UV clothing:

  • Sunscreen is expensive so UPF clothing and sun hats save you money in the long run.
  • UPF shirts and sun hats are always broad spectrum.
  • It’s easier to put on UV hats and sun shirts.
  • Sun apparel and hats are instantly UV-protective without the need to wait 30 minutes.
  • You don’t have to reapply UPF apparel and hats.
  • Unlike most sunscreens, UV clothing and sun hats don’t feel greasy or sticky.
  • UPF shirts and hats don’t have any odor.
  • UPF hats protect your hair better than sunscreen.
  • Sun-protective hats and shirts don’t contain reef-damaging ingredients.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. For all of the reasons mentioned above, Rayward Apparel creates lightweight UPF 50+ clothing. This is also why we’re launching our first men’s and women’s sun hats with UV protection. If you don’t already have UPF-rated sun clothing, or if you’re in need of something more comfortable, check out our store today!

Put On Your Imagination Caps (or Sun Hats)

For an illustration of how our UPF apparel could affect your sunscreen use, play out the following scenario. Imagine you’re protected with your sun hat and sun shirt. Now try to consider which areas of your skin could still be exposed. While doing this, keep in mind that UV radiation doesn’t just come from above. In fact, UV rays also reflect off certain surfaces, including water, sand, snow, ice and cement. Ok, how’s your sun protection?

If you’re wearing a long sleeve hooded UPF shirt, you’re probably only exposing your hands, neck and head. If you took our advice and are also wearing one of our women’s or men’s sun hats, then you are also helping protect your scalp, forehead and ears, and to a lesser extent your face and neck. Think about how much less sunscreen (and money) you’ll use to protect the rest of your body! Plus, you’ll save time for more fun with less time wasted rubbing on lotion.

Man That Needs a Sun Hat

Using this new way of thinking about sun protection, your planning starts with UPF sun clothing, including men’s and women’s sun hats. Now your sunscreen takes the role it always should have played: supporting UV-blocking fabrics which are more effective and less costly in the long run.

Rayward Apparel’s new men’s and women’s sun hats are available now, and make a great foundation for your new sun protection plans!

Bonus: Armed with your new mindset on sun protection, here’s something else to think about! Did you know that you can use the UV Index to find out which days present the highest risk for UV damage? Check out this short video to learn more about the UV Index:

What Can I Wear Instead Of Sunscreen?

Sunglasses and Alternatives to Sunscreen

Bamboo clothing and other sun protective apparel are becoming popular alternatives to sunscreen, but what else is there? UV exposure is harmful to your skin so it’s important you stay protected, but sunscreen is not your only option. There are a lot of reasons you might want to avoid sunscreen. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction, general discomfort, or you just want to avoid covering your body in chemicals. Regardless of your reason, there are a lot of ways to stay protected throughout your day without applying chemicals to your skin.

Sun Protective Bamboo Clothing

The number one option would be to simply wear clothing designed for sun protection. Keeping your skin physically covered with bamboo clothing will act as a natural barrier. However, not all clothing actually protects you from UV rays. To know if it’s designed that way, simply look for its UPF rating. The below chart gives a quick breakdown of how ASTM defined the various UPF ratings:

UPF RatingProtection Category% UV Radiation Blocked
UPF 15 – 24Good93.3 – 95.9
UPF 25 – 39Very Good96.0 – 97.4
UPF 40 – 50+Excellent97.5 – 98+

Our SUN BOUND line of bamboo clothing is all UPF 50 and designed with breathability and comfort in mind. To get maximum protection, you should cover as much of your skin as possible. This means when given the choice between a short sleeve shirt and long sleeve shirt, go with the long sleeve. This same logic applies to your lower body as well. In addition to keeping your torso and arms covered with UPF clothing, make sure to do the same for your legs. 

Bucket Hats and Sun Hats

Your face can be a difficult part of the body to stay protected without sunscreen, but there are options. Our top recommendation would be a UPF 50+ sun hat. A sun hat (sometimes referred to as a bucket hat) is a little different than a baseball hat. It not only keeps your head and (some) of your face covered, but has a wide brim that extends over the ears and also provides neck protection. Sun protective bamboo clothing can certainly keep your body covered, but the face, scalp, ears, and neck are four of the most common places people develop skin cancer

Neck Gaiters and UPF Face Masks

If it’s specifically your face and/or neck that need UV protection, consider a UPF neck gaiter. Lightweight, portable and breathable, neck gaiters are a great sun safety accessory to complement your UPF apparel. They can be worn up over your face, just underneath your chin, or a handful of other ways. As far as when to wear sun protection neck gaiters, as with the UV protective clothing mentioned above, it’s whenever you’ll be outside for as little as 10-15 minutes.

Sunglasses With UV Protection

Unless you are soaking your eyes in sunscreen (not recommended!) sunglasses aren’t necessarily an alternative, but still worth mentioning. It’s just as important to keep your eyes protected as it is your skin. Your eyes are just as susceptible to UV damage as your skin. By wearing the proper sunglasses you can easily eliminate this risk. Check your sunglasses to make sure they are designed for UV protection. Many different brands are now producing sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection.

Seek Shade

Sun hat and bamboo clothing with umbrella

The safest option is always to seek shade whenever you can. This might be a nearby building, tree, or you might want to bring a large umbrella. Even if you are fully protected with UPF rated bamboo clothing, pants, a sun protective bucket hat, and UV filtering sunglasses, staying in the shade as often as possible will always minimize your exposure.

When to Wear a Sun Hat

Sun Protection Hat for Women

Sun hats are a critical component of sun protection. When combined with UPF apparel and proper sunscreen application, you can virtually eliminate your exposure to UV damage. The key, however, is knowing when and how to protect yourself. Fortunately, when it comes to sun protection hats, the answer is simple: wear a sun hat as often as you can.

Not the answer you were looking for? Hear us out, and we’ll explain why you really should wear a sun protection hat all the time. Of course, we’re realistic and understand that you can’t always wear a hat. That being said, let’s identify when a sun protection hat is MOST important.

Most Important Day to Wear a Sun Hat

Before venturing out in the sun, be sure to check the Ultraviolet (UV) Index for the day. The UV Index measures the strength of the sun’s UV radiation on any particular day. UV Index values range from 0-12, with the higher number indicating a higher risk of UV damage. On days with a UV Index of 3-7, you have a “moderate to high” risk of UV damage and should wear a hat while also limiting your sun exposure, especially during midday hours. A UV Index of 8 or greater indicates a “very high to extreme” UV risk with the potential for skin damage in less than 15 minutes! In the U.S., many days fall within this highest risk range, and not only during the summer. Any time the UV Index is 8 or higher, sunscreen, UPF apparel and sun protection hats for women and men are essential.

To track the UV Index, we suggest bookmarking this site for easy access. You can also use the tool below to quickly lookup the UV index for a particular location. Try it now:

Most Important Time to Wear Your Sun Hat

The sun’s UV radiation varies throughout the day, with midday being the most intense. Depending on your location (and daylight savings), this midday “solar noon” window occurs between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you’re going to be outside for even 10 minutes during this window, it’s time to put hats on heads, in addition to broad spectrum sunscreen. During this midday period, the sun is at its strongest, and sun protection hats for men and women are non-negotiable. Choose one that’s lightweight and breathable and you’ll actually feel cooler, even when the day is hottest.

Sun Protection Hat for Golf

Most Important Activities for a Sun Protection Hat

The activities that most require sun protection hats for women and men are the activities that might require you to be outside on a day with a higher UV Index, or in the sun during the intense midday solar noon. Of course, this includes a huge range of activities, including sporting events, gardening, yardwork, fishing, running, concerts, festivals, barbecues, pool parties and so forth, but you get the idea.

It’s because this range of activities is so broad that Rayward Apparel is launching our first UPF sun protection hats for men and women. Made of UPF 50+ rated fabrics, our sun protection hats will keep you cool, comfortable and protected. Keep in mind that all sun protection hats must still be paired with broad spectrum sunscreen to ensure protection against indirect UV rays. Indirect sun damage can happen when the sun’s radiation bounces off of reflective surfaces, such as water, sand, cement, ice and snow.

Before you go, be sure to shop Rayward Apparel’s new UPF sun protection hats for men and women.

Bonus: To learn more about the UV Index, check out this informative video:

How Can I Protect My Face From The Sun?

Woman's Face in the Sun, Freckles

When it comes to UV exposure and sun damage, your face is one of the most vulnerable spots of your body. Not only is it hard (and sometimes impossible) to cover, but it can also be difficult to check your face once you leave the house. Therefore, it’s important to leave your house with all of the essentials for safely protecting your face from the sun: a hooded sun shirt, broad-spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Continue below to see why each is critical for protecting your face from UV damage:

Protect Your Face with a UPF 50+ Hooded Sun Shirt

Believe it or not, the first step in protecting your face from the sun starts with your shirt. Consider your typical crewneck shirt. Your neck, and certainly your face, are entirely exposed to the sun. Even a collared shirt offers little to no protection for your face. For a shirt that actually offers UV protection for your face, wear a lightweight hooded sun shirt. With the hood up and over your head, your face is actually protected from the sun at multiple angles, which is especially important between 10am – 4pm. Plus, since UV rays reflect off many surfaces, such as water, ice and sand, you’re also more protected from below.

UPF Hooded Sun Shirt in Blue

Protect Your Face with Broad-spectrum Sunscreen

The next step in protecting your face from the sun is applying broad-spectrum sunscreen. It is important that your sunscreen be broad spectrum so that it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are linked to skin cancer. UVB rays, on the other hand, are most directly linked to reddening and sunburn. The consequences of both UVA and UVB damage for your face can be dire, so protect your face with broad-spectrum sun lotion. Most dermatologists recommend SPF 30 lotion. This should usually be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure, and reapplied every 1-2 hours

Protect Your Face from UV Damage with Sunglasses

After you’ve generously applied your face sunscreen, grab a pair of UV-protective sunglasses. The sun’s UV rays can severely damage eyelids, as well as your eyes themselves. Prolonged UV exposure to your eyes can damage the cornea or lens and lead to cataracts or other eye damage. Fortunately, it is easy to find and identify UV sunglasses, and a quality pair can be purchased for less than $50 USD.

UV Sunglasses for Face Protection

Protect Your Face with SPF Lip Balm

One often overlooked part of your face that needs protection is your lips. Your lips are very susceptible to chapping, burning and even skin cancer. Therefore, leave nothing to chance and regularly apply an SPF lip balm (aka ChapStick) to protect your pucker!

Protect Your Face with a Wide-brimmed or Bucket Hat

Hooded sun shirt? Check. Face sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Check. But there’s one final piece to top it all off, literally: a UPF hat, preferably a bucket hat or one with a wide brim. Your hat’s brim (or bill, depending on your style) acts as a shield from the sun, protecting not only your head, but also your face. Make a UPF hat the fourth component of protecting your face from UV damage, and you’ll stay cool and protected for a full day in the sun.

Lastly, just in case you need more evidence about the need for protecting your face from the sun, check out this video about the hidden dangers of UV exposure and your face:

By planning ahead and using all four protective pieces above, you can ensure protection for your face. Otherwise, you risk sun damage, burns, wrinkling, early aging and, worst of all, skin cancer. Don’t leave anything to chance with your skin. Instead, build the foundation for your face’s UV protection with Rayward Apparel’s UPF 50+ hooded sun shirt.

Why We Love Our Bucket Hats (And Why You Should Too)

Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat, Navy Blue

Call us biased, but we absolutely love our UPF bucket hat! It’s comfortable, lightweight and looks great, plus it provides UPF 50+ sun protection! Of course, it makes sense for us to love our new Sun Ops bucket sun hat—we designed it, after all. What might be of more interest to you, however, is hearing why YOU should love it too! Keep reading to find out what makes our UPF bucket hats so special.

Like every product from Rayward Apparel, our Sun Ops UPF bucket hats had to first meet our own needs, satisfying our team’s particularly high standards in terms of form, fit and function. You’ll see more on the importance of each of these below, along with evidence for how our UPF bucket hat nails it.

Form: UPF Bucket Hats with Style

We know you’ve seen them; bucket hats with tacky patterns, oversized brims, pointless eyelets and gimmicky features that serve the marketing, not the user. For Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF bucket hat, we started from scratch, asking what does a sun protection hat need? Well, it needs to be lightweight to keep you comfortable. Check. It needs to be moisture-wicking to keep you dry. Check! It needs to be made of a machine-washable fabric. Check! It needs to be packable so you always have it on hand, it needs a timeless look that won’t suffer the fate of trendy misfires, and it needs to last so you can wear it every day. Check, check, check!

Wear Your UPF Bucket Hat Under a Sunny Sky with Clouds

Fit: Our Sun Ops UPF Bucket Hat Adjusts to You

Let’s be honest, one size never fits all. With that in mind, we knew our UPF bucket hat needed to be adjustable. We love the fact that you have TWO ways to adjust the fit of our UPF bucket hat. The first is with a drawcord on the back that tightens the circumference for a perfect fit around the head. The second is with the adjustable chin strap that can be tightened to keep your bucket hat exactly where it belongs.

Function: UPF 50+ UV Protection, First and Foremost

From day one of designing Rayward Apparel’s UPF bucket hat, we knew it had to be UPF 50+. This is the highest possible UV protection rating for fabrics, and we weren’t going to settle for anything less. We also love that our hat maintains its UPF 50+ rating even when wet, so sweat and water won’t prevent you from getting the sun protection you need. Plus, with our UPF bucket hat’s not-too-big, and not-too-small, 360-degree brim, you’re protected on all sides. Lastly, we love that you can (and should) wear this hat all year, and for a wide range of activities. What makes this hat work in the garden, also helps it work for fishing. Likewise, for the reasons it works at the beach, it also works at a sporting event. In short, we love our UPF bucket hat, and we can’t wait for you to fall in love too!

Rayward Apparel’s new Sun Ops UPF bucket hat is available NOW!

Bonus: Our UPF apparel is just one part of smart sun safety. Still think you don’t need to protect your face with a UPF hat and broad spectrum sunscreen? Check out this video to see your skin the way the sun sees it:

Best Sun Hat for the Beach

Beach sunset in California

What’s a beach day without some pleasant sunshine? To make sure you’re enjoying that sun, and not feeling its wrath, be sure to protect yourself with a UPF beach hat. With so many options to choose from, how do you find the best sun hat for the beach? The answer is simple: trust UPF 50+ bucket sun hats from Rayward Apparel. Keep reading to find out why our Sun Ops bucket sun hat is your best sun hat for the beach!

Bucket Sun Hats Keep You Cool

The busiest beach seasons are when the weather is warmest, so it’s important that your beach hat keeps you cool. The lightweight, breathable fabric of Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops bucket sun hat actually helps your body stay cool. By blocking the sun’s UV radiation, a bucket beach hat helps your body maintain a safe core temperature. Plus, since our hat’s fabric maintains its UPF 50+ rating even when wet, you can soak your bucket sun hat in cool water for instant relief, or even wear it out into the waves!

Practical Style = A Practically Perfect Beach Hat

Rayward Apparel’s UPF beach hats are practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppins would be proud!), combining beach-going performance with practical features. For instance, the adjustable chin strap ensures a secure fit even under high beach winds. And if you take the boat out, you won’t lose your bucket sun hat in the wake! You can also adjust our favorite beach hat’s width using the discrete drawcord located on the back. This provides as snug a fit as you’d like with a circumference fit for you! What’s more, the entire hat is safely machine-washable, so you can easily wash off that ocean smell, sea salt and beach sand. When you’re done, just wring it out and put it back on or fold it up for compact, easy transport!

Walking on Beach without UPF Hat

All-day UV Protection with a Bucket Sun Hat

A good beach day is full of fun in the sun, but that comes at a cost of hours of exposure to damaging UV rays. The first step for any successful beach trip is planning for sun protection. Rather than hiding in the miserly shade of a few palm trees, or constantly shifting to stay beneath an umbrella’s moving shade, why not wear your shade? A bucket sun hat provides just that—wearable shade that you never have to chase!

The large, shapeable brim provides 360-degrees of protection from the sun. This means our Sun Ops bucket sun hat provides more protection than a baseball hat, which exposes your ears to the sun. Plus, with your brim angled properly, your bucket sun hat will help protect your nose, mouth and neck. Even still, protect against indirect UV rays reflecting off sand and water, and remember to watch your shadow. When in doubt, use this quick shadow test: if your shadow is shorter than you are, then the sun’s UV rays are strongest. This is the most critical time to have your hat on. Fortunately, this is also when your bucket beach hat protects your face and neck the most.

For your next beach trip, we can’t guarantee good weather, cool breezes and that perfect spot in the sand. However, we can guarantee the UV protection of our UPF 50+ bucket sun hat. Just remember, UPF hats and apparel should still always be worn with broad spectrum sunscreen because it’s nearly impossible to protect every part of your body with clothing alone. Nevertheless, for areas that can be protected with UPF fabrics, like your head, arms and torso, choose UPF 50+ rated protection from Rayward Apparel.

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