UV Protection For Hiking

Hiking with UV Protection Sun Shirt

The best sun protection for hiking comes from UV protection hiking shirts. In addition to being the most effective defense against sun damage, UV protection hiking shirts are often designed with impressive outdoor performance qualities. This includes improved breathability, lightweight materials, temperature regulating fabrics and durable construction. Rayward Apparel’s UV protection hiking shirts, for instance, check every box when it comes to outdoor performance, comfort and sun protection. 

Hiking with UV Protection Sun Shirt

Choose UPF 50+ for Maximum Protection When Hiking

The best UV protection hiking shirt will have UPF 50+ sun protection. UPF 50+ is the highest achievable rating, and is awarded to fabrics that are certified to block greater than 98% of UV rays. Every single one of Rayward Apparel’s products are certified UPF 50+, essentially providing the apparel equivalent of SPF 50+ sunscreen. Fortunately, unlike sunscreen, UV hiking shirts offer all-day protection, among other benefits.

UV Protection Hiking Shirts vs Sunscreen

In comparing UPF apparel to sunscreen, you’ll realize several advantages of choosing a UV protection hiking shirt instead of sunscreen lotion. First off, UV hiking shirts don’t need to be reapplied. With sunscreen, you’ll need to reapply every 1-2 hours, and often without the help of a mirror. Second, UPF hiking shirts will save you money in the long run compared to costly sunscreen, which may cost a few dollars per 1 oz application. Additionally, sunscreen adds more weight to your pack. For these reasons and more, rely on UV protection hiking shirts as much as possible, using sunscreen only to cover those areas of your face and body not protected with UPF fabrics.

Not All UV Protection Hiking Shirts Are the Same

When choosing a UV protection hiking shirt, there are certainly do’s and don’ts. Do look for a certified UPF 50+ rating. Don’t skimp on quality fabrics. Depending on your needs, you may want an ultralight polyester blend, or perhaps a more breathable bamboo viscose blend. Do choose a durable hiking shirt that’ll withstand abrasion. Don’t settle for something that would look out of place anywhere other than the trail. Nothing has to prevent a quality UV hiking shirt from also being the type of stylish and comfortable apparel you’d wear before or after a hike.  Do choose a fast-drying and moisture-wicking shirt, especially for hot weather hiking. Fortunately, all of Rayward Apparel’s UV protection hiking shirts hit the do’s and dodge the don’ts.

Hikers at sunrise with UV protection apparel

Sun Protection That Lasts

Unlike sunscreen applications that are only good for 1-2 hours (and less if you’re sweating or swimming), the sun protection offered by UPF hiking shirts lasts for the entire duration of your hike. In fact, Rayward Apparel’s UV hiking shirts hold their UPF ratings for the life of each garment, even after laundering. Whatever the reason for your hike, be it for relaxing, exercise, escape or any other reason, make the most of your hike by trusting UV protection hiking apparel that lasts as long as your hike. 

Effortless Sun Protection = Effective Sun Protection

When designed with broad spectrum UV protection, clothing is the most effective form of sun protection. Firstly, it’s hard to incorrectly apply a UV protection hiking shirt. UPF apparel is working the instant you put it on. Simply put, if your skin is covered, then you are protected. And remember, you don’t need to reapply UPF apparel, as you would with sunscreen. These and the benefits outlined above add up to simple, effortless sun protection. As is to be expected, the simpler the sun protection, the safer the sun protection. Keep it simple and keep your skin safe by hiking with UV protection hiking apparel.

Rayward Apparel’s UV protection hiking shirts are available for men and women, featuring short sleeve, long sleeve and hooded. All of Rayward Apparel’s hiking sun shirts are lightweight, soft breathable and feature UPF 50+ sun protection—perfect for your next hike!

Best Sun Shirts For The Beach

Sunny, Sandy Beach Aerial View

A day at the beach should be fun, relaxing and safe. It should not, however, be shortened by lack of sun protection or ruined by fears of sunburn. Whether you’re spending the day at your local beach, or miles from home and on vacation, you need to wear the best sun shirts for the beach: lightweight hoodies. 

Hopefully your beach is the sunny escape you need, but even perfect beaches are full of invisible, damaging UV rays. These harmful UV rays pour down from above, reflect up from sand, and even penetrate through and bounce off water. With little relief from the sun, even underneath an umbrella, your best protection is a high-performance sun shirt. We recommend Rayward Apparel’s lightweight hoodies with UPF 50+ protection.

To find out why our UPF 50+ lightweight hoodies are the best sun shirts for the beach, continue below. From the breathable fabric to the dependable UV protection, our Sun Bound long sleeve hooded shirt is your best bet for the beach!

Lightweight & Breathable Beachwear Hoodies

A hot, sunny day at the shore requires a breathable shirt that feels lightweight and cool. Our Sun Bound collection of UPF 50+ shirts blends natural cottons and viscose from bamboo for a lightweight fabric. As a result, it’s as perfectly suited for beach volleyball as it is for post-game drinks at the club house!

Beach Volleyball Court with Sand

Durable in the Sand, Soft on Your Skin

For active beachgoers, your best shirt is one that stands up to your abuse, day after day, wash after wash. By blending cotton, viscose from bamboo and lycra, we’ve created an ultra soft, yet extremely durable fabric. Plus, it stretches while resisting pilling. Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound lightweight hoodies, for instance, benefit from the best traits of each fabric type. Therefore, you benefit from shirts perfectly suited for whatever your beach day brings—from frisbee to fishing, paddleboarding to reading. Whatsmore, the long sleeve hooded Sun Bound collection is great because of its simple care instructions and machine-washable construction!

Our Beach Sun Shirts & Hoodies Dry Quick

Beaches = water, so the best sun shirts for the beach need to be fast drying. The quick-dry lightweight shirts of Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection do just that! Even with our long sleeve shirt or our lightweight hoodie—which offer the largest area of protection and are the best suited for a long day in the sun—you aren’t walking around with a heavy, wet shirt stuck to your skin all day. 

Sun Shirts Save You Money on Sunscreen

A full day at the beach is going to call for several applications of sunscreen, which consume your time, require help and cost a lot of money. It’s not uncommon to go through an entire bottle of sunscreen lotion during just a single day at the beach—and that’s before you start passing it around for all your friends and family that forgot their own sun protection. The full, reliable protection offered by our lightweight hoodies ensures proper UV protection without the need to cover your entire body with sunscreen. Of course, all exposed areas, such as your face and hands, still need the UV protection of a broad-spectrum sunscreen, but your bottle will last a lot longer when you aren’t using an entire tub on your torso and arms!

UPF 50+ UV Protection

The biggest factor in choosing the best sun protection shirt for the beach is in the UPF rating. Nothing can ruin the perfect day at the beach quite like a nasty sunburn, and you’re especially vulnerable in or on the water, so choose the highest possible UV protection rating with a lightweight shirt rated at UPF 50+. A UPF 50+ protection rating tells you that an article of clothing blocks 98% of the sun’s damaging UV rays, the equivalent of constantly wearing SPF 50 sunscreen, but without the greasiness, odor, cost and time-consuming applications (and reapplication, and reapplication, and reapplication…).

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound long sleeve lightweight hoodies check every box for effective, sun-protective beachwear, and we trust they will become your go-to beach shirt for years to come!

Rayward Apparel’s SUN BOUND Collection

SUN BOUND Collection UPF 50 Apparel

We recently launched our first product line of sun protective bamboo shirts: the SUN BOUND Collection. But what makes this line of sun shirts so unique?

While we only recently officially launched the SUN BOUND collection, it’s been months in the making. Creating a high performing shirt that also achieves a high UV Protection rating (UPF) requires a very specific fiber blend. It must be lightweight and breathable to handle the heat, but also protective enough to protect against harmful UV rays. After prototyping dozens of shirts and fiber blends from suppliers around the world, we’re proudly releasing the SUN BOUND Collection. The collection includes three styles of shirts, available in both men’s and women’s sizes: Short sleeve, long sleeve, and hooded.

Performance AND Protection

The SUN BOUND collection is more than just a high quality UPF 50 shirt because it’s built to perform. These shirts are designed as activewear, but comfortable and stylish enough for the casual wearer. Our unique blend of cotton, viscose from bamboo and lycra create a lightweight and moisture wicking shirt everyone will love, while providing a UPF protection rating of which any mom would approve. While it’s not hard to find UPF 50 shirts with either sufficient sun protection or acceptable performance, the SUN BOUND collection stands out for accomplishing both.


You don’t have to be an athlete to fall in love with this collection. Not only is it one of the softest shirts you’ll ever wear, but we’ve designed every element of the shirt to make it as comfortable as possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tailored athletic fit to ensure it’s not too loose and not too tight
  • Raglan sleeves for better movement
  • Thumb loops stitched inside of the long sleeves to keep your arms protected regardless of your activity
  • Single layered fabric hood to provide substantial sun protection without overheating
  • Tag-free collar


These shirts are made to last. While lightweight and breathable, our blend of fibers is durable and strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions. Also, you can rest assured with our hassle-free returns & exchanges policy. If you are not entirely satisfied with your order, we offer a free exchange or refund for the full cost of your returned items.

A Greater Mission

5% of all profits from sales of our SUN BOUND collection (and all other products) is donated to organizations helping treat and prevent skin cancer. For more details on the foundations we support and our charitable donations, click here.

To shop our SUN BOUND collection of UPF 50+ shirts, click here.

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