Sun Protection Workout Clothes

Group workout with Sun Protection Clothes

The right workout apparel can make all the difference. This is even more true when your workout is outdoors. For these outdoor workouts, you absolutely need sun protection workout clothes. Sun protection workout shirts, for instance, feature reliable UV protection without compromising performance. This results in your optimal UV protection workout gear. Continue below as we make the case for sun protection workout clothes.

Don’t Let the Sun Dictate Your Workout

If you like to exercise outdoors, you shouldn’t limit your workout time or outside activities for fear of sun damage. Thanks to sun protection workout clothes, especially apparel rated with UPF 50+ UV protection, you can workout when and where you want. To exercise with confidence knowing your skin is protected, choose sun protection workout shirts with clearly labeled UV protection ratings.

Group workout with Sun Protection Clothes

Sun Protection Workout Shirts Don’t Quit Mid-workout

Sticking to a workout routine is hard, and you may already have several factors working against you before you even begin. To give yourself the best chance of keeping your fitness plans and completing a successful workout, head to battle with the best gear possible. When there’s a chance your workout could be threatened by UV rays, reach for performance sun protection workout clothes. Rayward Apparel’s UV protection clothing combines technical performance and excellent sun protection for workout apparel that never quits.

Soft Shirts for Hard Workouts

Despite being tough on UV rays, Rayward Apparel’s performance workout sun protection shirts are extremely soft on skin. Each of our apparel collections are made with carefully chosen fabrics that provide the sun protection we demand with the comfort you deserve. Whether you go with the buttery soft bamboo blends of our Sun Bound Collection, or the light-as-a-feather comfort of our Shoreline Collection, your skin will thank you. Just don’t let the softness fool you into thinking our UV workout clothes aren’t tough enough for the sunniest days. All you have to do is look for our UPF 50+ rating. This proves that everything we produce is certified to block more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Tough Workout with Sun Protection Shirt

Fewer Distractions = Greater Workout

Get the most out of your workout by getting more workout time. If your workout routine is structured and well-regimented, then you need to make the most of every minute. With UPF workout clothes, you’ll face fewer interruptions simply for the fact that you won’t need to reapply sunscreen as much sunscreen, nor as often. Given that dermatologists recommend reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours (and more frequently after sweating), you could be wasting 5-10 minutes of every hour applying sunscreen. Alternately, the more of your body you cover with sun protection workout clothes, the less sunscreen you’ll need. And even if your workout is more flexible, you’ll still benefit from time (and frustration) saved by not having to keep track of how long it’s been since you last applied sunscreen lotion.

For your best workout, choose the best workout gear. Start with performance sun protection workout shirts from Rayward Apparel, featuring lightweight comfort and UPF 50+ sun protection. Shop Rayward Apparel’s sun protection workout clothing today!

Why You’ll Love Our Sun Protection Hoodie

Friends wearing sun protection hoodies at sunset

Our Sun Bound Bamboo sun protection hoodie has quickly become a fan-favorite of the Rayward Apparel team. We wear it both outdoors and inside, day or night, and regardless of whether we’re lounging around or active. More than a year in the making, the design and creation of our Sun Bound Bamboo sun protection hoodie was a labor of love. And now that we’re able to introduce it to you, we’re confident you’ll love it just as much. Continue below to find out why you’ll love our new sun hoodie, the Sun Bound Bamboo Hooded Long Sleeve UPF Shirt from Rayward Apparel.

Sun Protection That’ll Make Your Sunscreen Jealous

Our sun protection hoodie is rated UPF 50+, which is the highest possible UV protection rating for textiles. We achieved this rating using viscose from bamboo. Think of this as the clothing equivalent of SPF 50+ sunscreen. But, unlike your sunscreen, our UPF fabrics last all day, don’t require reapplication and are effective the instant you put them on. In fact, we’ve outlined additional advantages to using UPF apparel instead of sunscreen in a companion piece, 5 Reasons a UPF Shirt Is Better Than Sunscreen.

Did We Mention It’s Soft?

Thanks to our premium fabrics made with viscose from bamboo, our sun protection hoodie features an incredibly soft feel. The buttery smooth touch is achieved with our perfect blend of cotton and bamboo viscose. Together, the cotton and bamboo viscose create a lightweight, breathable and durable fabric. It’s perfect for various activities, but also soft enough that you’ll enjoy it just as much while lounging at home!

You’ll Love Our Sun Protection Hoodie’s Tailored Fit

A lot of thought went into the tailored fit of our UV protection hoodies. The elongated cut provides a slimming profile, while also ensuring better protection for your waist and lower back during various activities. Meanwhile, the raglan sleeves offer improved range of motion, which is also enhanced with our stretchable UPF fabrics. Altogether, it’s the perfect joining of fit, function and form.

Breathable and Lightweight

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound sun protection hoodie offers breathable performance in a lightweight package. The 170 GSM fabric allows for airflow and temperature regulation, while also wicking moisture away to keep you dry. This effectively forms a thin insulating layer that keeps you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold.

Sun Protection That’s Built to Last

Machine wash, and tumble dry. It’s as simple as that. Thanks to its durable construction, our sun protection hoodie features easy care instructions and can handle the most common laundering treatments. Plus, since the UPF is inherent in the fabric (as opposed to a spray-on application), the protection lasts as long as the threads themselves! This amounts to significant cost savings versus frequent sunscreen applications.

You’ll Love the Versatility of Our Sun Protection Hoodie

No matter the season, you’ll appreciate the versatility of Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound sun protection hoodie. Whether you’re layering with our moisture-wicking hoodie in the colder months, or looking for UPF protection hoodies.

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound Hoodie is on sale now, and available in both men’s and women’s styles. Soft, lightweight, breathable sun protection—all from the perfect hooded shirt to keep you safe in the sun without sacrificing comfort or style.

Fall In Love with Bamboo Shirts

Man jumping in a bamboo shirt

There’s a lot to love about bamboo shirts. From bamboo fabric’s buttery soft feel and odor-resistance, to its moisture-wicking and crucial UV protective qualities, it’s hard not to love bamboo clothing. Continue as we explore the many reasons you’ll fall in love with bamboo shirts!

Bamboo Shirts Provide UV Protection

The viscose fibers in bamboo clothing provides a natural UV protection. In terms of sun protection, bamboo blends allow for a lighter weight fabric to achieve the same or better UPF rating than alternative, non-bamboo fabrics. For Rayward Apparel, this means that our UPF 50+ bamboo shirts block greater than 98% of UV rays, but don’t require unnecessary bulk or weight.

Man jumping in a bamboo shirt

Bamboo Shirts Keep You Dry

Shirts made with viscose from bamboo have excellent absorption properties. However, instead of only filling up with liquid (like sweat), the fibers in bamboo shirts are able to pull the moisture away from your skin so that it quickly evaporates. This means your sweat is wicked away, you stay cool, and your shirt dries faster.

Bamboo Clothing is Odor-resistant

Apparel made with bamboo viscose benefit from bamboo’s natural antibacterial and odor-resistance properties. Therefore, your bamboo shirts will continue smelling fresh longer than a typical cotton shirt. This means the intensity of your shirt’s odor doesn’t have to match the intensity of your workout!

Bamboo Viscose Clothes Are Thermo-regulating

Thermo-regulation is just another way of saying that bamboo shirts are good at keeping you cool when it’s warm, and warmer when it’s cool. This makes bamboo clothing an excellent insulating layer.

Bamboo Shirts Are Extremely Soft

The first thing most of our customers notice about our Sun Bound bamboo collection is that it is ultra soft. This buttery soft, luxurious feel is thanks to the process of turning bamboo fiber into smooth viscose. Our bamboo shirts will rival your softest apparel in terms of comfort, all without sacrificing UV protection. In addition to being soft, bamboo viscose shirts are more resistant to wrinkles than competing fabrics. When you pull your super soft bamboo shirt off the clothes line or out of the dryer, it’ll be ready to wear!

Bamboo Fabrics Won’t Irritate Your Skin

We have good news for everyone with the misfortune of being irritated by fabrics with wool or hemp. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic! This makes viscose from bamboo the perfect substitute if you need a performance fabric that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

Bamboo Shirts Last a Long Time

The durability of bamboo apparel rivals that of most performance apparel, and they can even retain their shape and strength three times longer than typical cotton apparel. Plus, they resist pilling so they stand up to the abuse, both from you and your washing machine.

UPF 50 Certification Rayward Apparel

It’s Easy to Care for Bamboo Apparel

In contrast to other premium fabrics, bamboo apparel doesn’t require difficult laundering steps. Always refer to your care label, but usually you can simply machine wash and tumble dry our bamboo clothing. Fabric softeners, hand drying and dry cleaning are usually not required.

Bamboo Is Biodegradable

Viscose from bamboo is plant-based. Therefore, when it comes time to part with your beloved bamboo shirt, you have one less thing to worry about since it will decompose faster than polyester and nylon apparel. Synthetic petroleum based fabrics, such as these, can actually take centuries to decompose in landfills.

If you haven’t fallen in love with a bamboo shirt yet, then you haven’t tried Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection! Our Sun Bound UPF 50+ bamboo apparel offer all of the benefits outlined above. In the case of our men’s and women’s Sun Bound collections, we blend our bamboo viscose with soft cotton and just enough lycra for the perfect amount of stretch. Shop our Sun Bound UPF 50+ collection today!

Top 10 Benefits Of Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo for UPF Clothing

Bamboo-based fabrics, which feature viscose from bamboo, are remarkably well-suited for a range of applications, especially sun protection apparel. If you’re new to bamboo apparel and the benefits of bamboo fabrics, here’s a quick guide to the biggest advantages of clothing featuring viscose from bamboo. Of course, if you already own any of our Sun Bound Bamboo UPF shirts, then you know firsthand the many benefits of bamboo clothing. Still, it never hurts to have a refresher on why bamboo clothing is so great!

As the world awakens to the benefits of bamboo, we’re seeing it used in more and more industries across the globe, from furniture and building materials, to paper products and textiles. The resurgence of bamboo in the textile and fabric industries should come as no surprise given its natural properties. More on this below, so let’s dive in! Continue reading for the top 10 benefits of bamboo clothing:

Short on time? Here’s the quick list, with more on each bamboo apparel advantage below!

  1. Bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying
  2. Bamboo clothing is odor-resistant and anti-bacterial
  3. Our bamboo apparel is insulating and thermo-regulating
  4. Viscose from bamboo is extremely soft
  5. Bamboo provides natural UV protection
  6. Bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  7. Quality bamboo clothing is durable and resistant to pilling
  8. Our bamboo apparel requires low maintenance
  9. Bamboo fabric is sustainable and environmentally-friendly
  10. Bamboo fabrics are biodegradable

#1 – Bamboo Fabric is Moisture-wicking & Quick-drying

Bamboo fibers are great at absorbing moisture and pulling it away from the skin for faster evaporation. The practical benefit of this is it keeps you dry, while wicking sweat and water away from your skin. This is just one of the advantages to wearing bamboo clothing for activewear and outdoors.

#2 – Bamboo Clothing is Odor-resistant & Anti-bacterial

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant. As a result, your bamboo apparel is more likely to smell fresh longer, and less likely to smell like dirty laundry. Use this to your advantage by relying on bamboo-based clothing when being active and participating in anything that might cause you to break a sweat.

Runner with UPF Bamboo Clothing

#3 – Bamboo Apparel is Insulating & Thermo-regulating

Another advantage of clothing made with viscose from bamboo is its excellent insulation ability. Bamboo-based apparel is a great lightweight insulating layer that helps regulate body temperature. Practically speaking, this means bamboo clothing is great in any season, keeping you cool in the heat, and warm in the cold.

#4 – Viscose from Bamboo is Extremely Soft

One of the most praised benefits of bamboo clothing is its luxuriously soft feel. This is largely to credit for the increased popularity of bamboo sheets, and also why Rayward Apparel chose to feature viscose from bamboo in our Sun Bound shirts. In fact, bamboo clothing will rival your softest apparel, which is even more amazing considering that it also offers incredible UV protection. Speaking of which…

#5 – Bamboo Provides Natural UV Protection

Bamboo fibers feature natural UV resistance, and this critical property carries through our processing of the plant into viscose for fiber. For Rayward Apparel, this might be the biggest advantage of bamboo clothing since it allows us to achieve a UPF 50+ rating with a lighter weight material. As a result, our Sun Bound UPF 50+ bamboo shirts block more than 98% of harmful UV rays.

UV Rays from the Sun's Glare

#6 – Bamboo Fabrics are Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from allergies to wool or hemp, you’ll likely find bamboo clothing to be the perfect substitute. It won’t irritate your skin like other natural fibers, and the smoother bamboo fibers are well-suited for sensitive skin.

#7 – Bamboo Clothing is Durable & Resistant to Pilling

With proper care, bamboo apparel will last for years and years, long exceeding the life of standard cotton shirts. In fact, it’s possible for bamboo to hold its shape and strength 3x longer than cotton fabrics. Bamboo’s durability makes it well-suited for an active lifestyle outdoors. Additionally, since it’s resistant to pilling, it will also look great longer!

#8 – Bamboo Apparel Requires Low Maintenance

Unlike some “premium” fabrics, bamboo apparel doesn’t demand complicated or inconvenient care instructions. In most cases, simply machine wash in cool water, and tumble dry with low heat. While not required, hang drying is the most environmentally-friendly alternative. It’s also gentler on your bamboo apparel and prevents shrinking. However, there’s no need for you to hand wash, dry clean or use fabric softeners with our bamboo apparel.

Bamboo Clothing in the Washing Machine

#9 – Bamboo Fabric is Sustainable & Environmentally-friendly

Growing and harvesting bamboo for apparel is sustainable and eco-friendly, therefore requiring much less water than alternative plant fibers and relying on little to no chemicals. Technically, bamboo is a woody grass that rarely requires replanting, and you probably already know that it grows extremely fast. As a result, this makes it highly renewable, and its natural pest resistance and antibacterial properties protect bamboo without a dependence upon pesticides.

#10 – Bamboo Fabrics are Biodegradable

Since bamboo clothing is made from a plant-based viscose, it is biodegradable and will decompose. This is a striking contrast to synthetic apparel made with plastics, which is common in activewear. Synthetic petroleum-based fabrics, such polyester and nylon, can take centuries to decompose. As a result, they pile up in landfills and often end up in our water.

The many benefits of bamboo-based fabrics make them ideal for our Sun Bound Collection of lightweight, sun protection bamboo shirts. Nearly half the fabric content in our Sun Bound shirts is viscose from bamboo, which creates our collection’s unique combination of performance, comfort and protection!

To experience the advantages of bamboo clothing for yourself, shop our Sun Bound Collection of UPF shirts today, available in three styles for both men and women.

10 Hiking Essentials: Must-Haves For Your Next Hike

Hiking Essentials and Sun Protection

Hiking is one of the best ways to spend time outdoors. Whether you’re pushing your limits on a strenuous hike, or just taking a leisurely stroll to appreciate nature, here are ten hiking essentials that you should always have. No matter the length or difficulty of your next hike, go prepared with these 10 hiking must-haves!

Here’s the quick list of our 10 hiking essentials, followed below by more details for each:

  1. Hooded UPF 50+ Shirt
  2. Neck Gaiter
  3. Breathable Socks
  4. UV-Protective Hat
  5. UV Sunglasses
  6. Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
  7. Refillable Water Bottle
  8. Lightweight Snacks
  9. Navigation
  10. Emergency Pack

Hooded UPF 50+ Shirt

Sun protection is critical for every outdoor activity, and only more so if you are planning to be outside for more than an hour. For lightweight, breathable comfort that protects as well as it performs, consider a well-balanced UV-protective hoodie. The Sun Bound UPF 50+ Bamboo Hooded Shirt from Rayward Apparel is well-suited for the outdoors, easy to layer and provides the highest rated sun protection for hiking with a UPF 50+ rating.

Hiking UPF Sun Hoodie

Neck Gaiter

One of the most versatile pieces of apparel, a neck gaiter should be packed for every hike, regardless of length. A well-designed neck gaiter, such as Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar UPF 50+ Gaiter, is versatile, lightweight and protects against sun damage. You can wear neck gaiters more than a dozen ways, which is why they are often referred to as tube headwear or multi-functional headwear. Whether worn as a neckerchief, beanie, headband, full face shield or simply around your wrist, just in case, you’ll never regret bringing a lightweight UPF 50+ neck gaiter.

Breathable Socks

Never underestimate the importance of a good pair of socks, especially before participating in any activity involving significant time spent on your feet. You’d be wise to consider wool or bamboo blends for their insulation, breathability and odor-resistance. Plus, well-made wool socks are unbeatable in the departments of comfort and durability. Wool also dries very quickly, which is something every hiker appreciates when our shoes or socks get wet or sweaty.

Wool hiking socks

UV-Protective Hat

A quality sun hat is a must for any hike. Although you may not notice the visible signs of sun damage, your skin and scalp are very susceptible to UV damage. Our top recommendation for UV-protective headwear is Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF 50+ Bucket Hat. The 360-degree brim offers more protection than a baseball hat, and the lightweight material will keep your head cool. Additionally, this bucket hat is lightweight, adjustable and easy to pack—important for all hiking essentials.

UV Sunglasses

Just as you’d protect your skin from the sun, you must also protect your eyes. This is especially important when hiking around terrain that reflects UV light, such as hiking near snow or water. We recommend a pair with lightweight frames that fit closely to your face in order to minimize the amount of UV light directed around your eyewear. Bonus points if they float, but you definitely want a snug fitting pair that will stay secure when you run and jump (or slip).

Hiking Sunglasses with UV Protection

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

You might imagine wild animals as your scariest threat, but you’re most in danger from something invisible—the sun’s UV rays. Ultraviolet light attacks your skin through both clear and cloudy skies, and is even more dangerous at higher altitudes. Therefore, don’t take any chances with your skin’s safety, and cover up in broad spectrum sunscreen. Additionally, since you need to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, make sure you pack enough to last for the duration of your time outdoors. When it comes to protecting the only skin you have, better safe than sorry!

Refillable Water Bottle

Never start a hike without making sure everyone has more than enough water. Water accessibility, weather, altitude and hiking duration, as well as your health, will impact exactly how much water you need. We suggest consulting the Mayo Clinic for detailed information regarding daily hydration, but plan to drink 20-32 ounces of water every 1-2 hours. A stainless steel or BPA-free bottle is our top recommendation, but we also love the convenience of hydration packs. For remote hikes or more extreme weather, you’ll need much more water, and you may even consider a water purification system or purifying tablets.

Essential hiking water bottle

Lightweight Snacks

Hiking is not only healthier, but also more enjoyable when you have some tasty treats to keep you company. Trail mix is tried and true, as are granola and protein bars. Whatever your preference, plan to consume about 200 calories per hour, and pack accordingly. Also, depending on who you’re hiking with, you may need to pack additional snacks to fend off the grubby hands of your fellow hikers who forget to bring their own trail snacks. 

It is essential that you have some means of navigation for every hike. This will vary based on your specific hiking plans, but may include everything from a map or compass to a handheld GPS device or any mobile phone with a reliable signal. The more adventurous your hike, or perhaps the less marked the trail, the more likely you’ll need additional navigation tools. For most hikes, a working mobile phone and an updated trail map will suffice. However, you should always make sure someone knows when and where you’re hiking, in case of emergencies.

Essential hiking navigation

Emergency Pack

Ok, this one is a bit of a catch-all, but some level of first-aid and/or outdoor survival pack is essential for every hike. Items to consider include a standard first-aid kit, whistle, knife, headlamp, blanket, shelter and source of fire. The more extreme your hike, the more you need to pack for your safety. However you pack it, make sure you have it handy and that you know where everything is located. Of course, for a less-remote or more heavily-trafficked hike, you might be fine with a smaller first-aid kit or only select emergency hiking essentials.

Next time you hike, go prepared with these ten hiking essentials. Not only will you get more enjoyment out of your hike, but you’ll hike safer with some variation of these ten must-haves carried with you. Of course, depending on the weather and remoteness of your hiking region, you may need to build upon this list with additional hiking and survival equipment, but this is an excellent starting point for any type of hike.

For all of your hiking sun protection needs, consider Rayward Apparel. All of the clothing and accessories designed by Rayward Apparel are rated UPF 50+ for maximum sun protection. Our philosophy is simple: the world revolves around the sun, but your life shouldn’t. #StayRayward with Rayward Apparel’s UPF 50+ hiking apparel.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Best Sun Protection Shirts For Hiking

Hikers on Summit on Sunny Day

The best sun shirts for hiking combine breathability, lightweight and UPF 50+ UV protection, all of which you’ll get with Rayward Apparel’s lightweight sun protection shirts. Keep reading to find out why these traits are important for your go-to hiking shirt. Furthermore, discover why Rayward Apparel’s UPF shirts stand above the competition and are the best bet for your next hike.

UPF Hiking Shirts for Varied Weather Condition

Whether you’re hiking in the wetlands of the Southeastern United States, or up in the Canadian Rockies, you need a hiking shirt that can handle different conditions and temperature ranges. Fortunately, Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection is up to the task. Made of viscose from bamboo, our UPF 50+ hiking shirts are breathable, lightweight and quick-drying. Continue below and discover more about how we designed the best lightweight sun protection shirts for hiking.

Couple Hiking Along Sunny Ridge

Breathable Comfort for Your Next Hike

Bamboo fibers help you regulate your temperature by helping your body vent properly. In hot weather, this means collecting cool air to keep you from overheating. Meanwhile, in colder weather, the bamboo fibers help trap warm air. In either hot or cold temperatures, the thermal regulating properties of bamboo help you stay comfortable. As a result, when you’re out hiking, you’ll feel great wearing our lightweight sun protection shirts from dawn till dusk.

Lightweight Hiking Sun Protection Shirts 

Another great thing about our sun shirts made from bamboo viscose is that they’re lightweight. As a result, they won’t weigh you down, whether on your back or in your pack. We know that the weight of every worn and packed item quickly adds up. Given this, our fabric blend balances protection with weight to make sure you are protected, but not burdened. Plus, our shirts are tailored with an athletic fit to avoid bulk. We also forgo unnecessary buttons, straps and fasteners for a clean, thoughtful design that gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t! 

Hiking Wet Forest Trail

Quick-drying, Moisture-wicking Sun Shirts for Hiking

Any dependable hiking sun shirt needs to wick moisture and dry quickly. Why? Because eventually, at some point, you’re going to get wet! Whether that moisture is from a waterfall’s mist, a sudden rainstorm, or simply your sweat–the consequence is the same: you’re wet, and soon to be uncomfortable. Therefore, Rayward Apparel’s lightweight sun protection shirts use a fast-drying blend of lycra, natural cotton and viscose from bamboo. This carefully chosen blend excels at pulling moisture away from your body, which allows it to then quickly evaporate away. Rather than blocking sweat or making you sweat more than you should, our UPF hiking shirts allow your body to sweat naturally. Then, our moisture-wicking fabric assists your body’s natural process by quickly pulling the sweat away from your skin. Plus, the same process that works for sweat works for other moisture, including that rainstorm you couldn’t out-hike!

UPF 50+ Protection You Can Trust on Any Hike

Perhaps you already have a lightweight, moisture-wicking hiking shirt, but is it UPF rated? All of Rayward Apparel’s sun shirts, including our lightweight Sun Bound collection, are UPF 50+ rated. This means they block over 98% of UV rays, the equivalent of SPF 50+ sunscreen! Plus, our sun clothing’s UPF rating lasts wash after wash, and even when wet.

In conclusion, the best hiking shirt is one you can trust. Not just for its lightweight breathability and well-fit design, but also for how it protects your hide. For your next hike, perhaps to one on the top 5 hikes in the vide below, trust nothing less than the lightweight, UPF 50+ rated sun shirts from Rayward Apparel. 

Click Here to shop our men’s and women’s Sun Bound collections now!

Best Sun Protection Shirts For Hot Weather

Arches National Park in Hot Weather

The best sun shirts for hot weather balance lightweight breathability with trustworthy UV protection, both of which you’ll get with the men’s long sleeve sun protection shirts from Rayward Apparel. But what exactly makes this the BEST sun protection shirt for hot weather? Continue reading as we outline the many benefits of our UPF 50+ Sun Bound collection, not the least of which is an ultraviolet protection factor rating that blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays.

Sun Shirts to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

For many, the natural response to combat hot weather and rising temperatures is to wear fewer layers, exposing more skin. While this feels good momentarily, exposing more skin increases your risk of sunburn and harmful UV damage. To combat this while staying cool and safe under the sun, we recommend UPF50+ lightweight long sleeve sun protection shirts. While it may seem counterintuitive to wear a long sleeve shirt in hot weather, when the fabric blend is as lightweight and breathable as our combination of cotton, viscose from bamboo and lycra, then the finished product is surprisingly cool. Of course, if needed, our Sun Bound UPF 50+ short sleeve t-shirt is always an option. Just remember that any short sleeve sun shirts should always be paired with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Also, unlike UPF apparel, sunscreens must be reapplied every 2 hours, and more frequently if you’re sweating or swimming.

Bamboo Plant for UPF Apparel

Tough Weather Demands a Tougher Sun Shirt

If it’s hot enough, you’re going to sweat—even in the most breathable of shirts. The benefit of quick-drying, moisture-wicking apparel like our men’s and women’s long sleeve sun protection shirts is that you won’t stay wet. As the sun shirt absorbs moisture, it will pull it away from your skin. This helps wetness quickly evaporated, keeping you both cool and dry. Plus, even wet, our sun shirts with viscose from bamboo still offer protection from the sun’s UV rays (unlike typical cotton clothing). A sun shirt as tough as our women’s and men’s long sleeve sun protection shirts can handle hot weather, even when hiking (but don’t forget these 10 hiking essentials)!

Sun Protection Shirts with a UPF 50+ Rating

The most critical factor in selecting the best sun protection shirt for hot weather is its Ultraviolet Protection Factor, or UPF rating. In the hottest of weather, you could be most susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, depend on sun protection clothing with the highest possible sun protection rating, UPF 50+. Our women’s and men’s long sleeve sun protection shirts block over 98% of the sun’s UV rays, the equivalent of a broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen. However, compared to SPF lotions, UPF apparel doesn’t have to be reapplied every 2 hours!

When the temperatures rise the highest, resist the urge to grab a sleeveless tank top or muscle shirt. Instead, make the right decision for your skin. Choose the comfortable, dependable and affordable protection of Rayward Apparel’s UPF 50+ men’s and women’s long sleeve sun protection shirts. And for added protection, check out the hooded variation of our Sun Bound shirt collection!

Best Sun Shirts For Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Rod and Reel

Of all our favorite outdoor activities, fishing might demand the most constant sun protection. Whether out on the boat, off the pier, from the shore out or in the middle of the stream, you’re exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays from not only above, but also from reflections bouncing off the surface of the water. Plus, the last thing you want for an eventful fishing outing is for it to end early. And especially not because of inadequate sun protection or fear of sunburn. Thus the need for comfortable, all day sun protection provided by UPF apparel. The question, then, is what is the best sun shirt for fishing? Continue below to learn about the long sleeve lightweight shirts perfect for your next fishing trip.

Lightweight and Breathable Fishing Shirts

A sunny day of fishing demands a cool, lightweight shirt that doesn’t feel heavy. It also shouldn’t make you feel like you’re trapped in a plastic bag. To address this, Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection uses a unique blend of natural cottons and viscose from bamboo. The result? Long sleeve lightweight shirts that feel equally appropriate fishing all day or grilling your catch.

Kayak Fishing at Sunset

Soft, Yet Durable UV Protection

For those relaxing fishing retreats, your best shirt is one that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection of UPF 50+ shirts, for example, achieves its ultra soft feel with a blend of cotton and bamboo viscose. Of course, a soft shirt is no good if it doesn’t last. Fortunately, our fabric blend was also chosen for its stretch, durability and resistance to pilling. As a result, it could be your go-to fishing shirt for years. Plus, it has easy care instructions so you don’t have to fear washing your sun shirt with your typical laundry. Talk about activewear with easy care!

Quick Drying and Moisture Wicking Sun Shirts

It’s hard to go fishing without getting wet, so choose a fast-drying shirt that wicks moisture and keeps you dry. Long sleeves are ideal for protecting your arms from sun damage, but when your cuff or sleeve gets wet, you need a long sleeve lightweight shirt that dries fast and stays light, allowing you to focus on reeling in the big one! Shirts made with viscose from bamboo, such as Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection, dry quickly to keep you comfortable.

Boat with Fishing Rods

Range of Motion for Easy Casting

The best fishing shirt is tailored to avoid bulk, bagginess and excess weight, but with enough stretch and room for movement so you aren’t restricted from making the perfect cast, over and over and over. A raglan shoulder and sleeve design allows for the maximum range of motion with both style and performance with your sun protective apparel.

Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Sun Protection

The final and most important factor in finding the best sun protection shirt for fishing is in the UPF rating. The sun can be brutal, especially out on the water, so look for the maximum UV protection signified by a UPF 50+ rating, which indicates an effective filtering of 98% of harmful UV rays.

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound long sleeve lightweight shirts meet all of the above criteria, culminating in the best UV protection fishing shirts. Cool, breathable, soft, quick drying and UPF 50+, our long sleeve sun shirts are your perfect fishing buddy.

Rayward Apparel’s SUN BOUND Collection

SUN BOUND Collection UPF 50 Apparel

We recently launched our first product line of sun protective bamboo shirts: the SUN BOUND Collection. But what makes this line of sun shirts so unique?

While we only recently officially launched the SUN BOUND collection, it’s been months in the making. Creating a high performing shirt that also achieves a high UV Protection rating (UPF) requires a very specific fiber blend. It must be lightweight and breathable to handle the heat, but also protective enough to protect against harmful UV rays. After prototyping dozens of shirts and fiber blends from suppliers around the world, we’re proudly releasing the SUN BOUND Collection. The collection includes three styles of shirts, available in both men’s and women’s sizes: Short sleeve, long sleeve, and hooded.

Performance AND Protection

The SUN BOUND collection is more than just a high quality UPF 50 shirt because it’s built to perform. These shirts are designed as activewear, but comfortable and stylish enough for the casual wearer. Our unique blend of cotton, viscose from bamboo and lycra create a lightweight and moisture wicking shirt everyone will love, while providing a UPF protection rating of which any mom would approve. While it’s not hard to find UPF 50 shirts with either sufficient sun protection or acceptable performance, the SUN BOUND collection stands out for accomplishing both.


You don’t have to be an athlete to fall in love with this collection. Not only is it one of the softest shirts you’ll ever wear, but we’ve designed every element of the shirt to make it as comfortable as possible. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tailored athletic fit to ensure it’s not too loose and not too tight
  • Raglan sleeves for better movement
  • Thumb loops stitched inside of the long sleeves to keep your arms protected regardless of your activity
  • Single layered fabric hood to provide substantial sun protection without overheating
  • Tag-free collar


These shirts are made to last. While lightweight and breathable, our blend of fibers is durable and strong enough to withstand the toughest conditions. Also, you can rest assured with our hassle-free returns & exchanges policy. If you are not entirely satisfied with your order, we offer a free exchange or refund for the full cost of your returned items.

A Greater Mission

5% of all profits from sales of our SUN BOUND collection (and all other products) is donated to organizations helping treat and prevent skin cancer. For more details on the foundations we support and our charitable donations, click here.

To shop our SUN BOUND collection of UPF 50+ shirts, click here.

Rayward Apparel Launches Its First UPF Performance Clothing Line

Rayward Apparel debuts new collection of sun protective clothing, compromising neither comfort nor performance in the process.

NEW ORLEANS, LA, March 26, 2020. With the launch of its new UV protective clothing line, Rayward Apparel sees a bright future. With a unique fabric utilizing bamboo’s natural properties, the company’s first UPF sun shirts blend comfort, performance and protection.

Founded in 2019, Rayward Apparel began with a simple mission of designing better UPF sun protection clothing. That mission quickly grew beyond apparel, however. “I wanted to start a company bigger than myself—one that could create a positive impact on as many lives as possible, while encouraging and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle,” says Devin Regan, Rayward Apparel’s founder. “Many apparel brands reinforce the ‘active’ component, but too few address health and the hidden dangers of UV exposure.”

A Wakeup Call No One Wants

Devin, a former collegiate track and field athlete at the University of Maryland (’09), spent hours training in the sun. More than a decade after graduating, he still enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle. However, this almost came to a sudden stop after a melanoma diagnosis at age 32. “The diagnosis was a wakeup call, and the quick discovery probably saved my life, but I knew I needed to do something to help prevent others from suffering a worse fate,” explains Devin. “My goal was simple: create the type of apparel I should have been wearing all along—one that protects as well as it performs.”

After thorough design and testing, Rayward Apparel’s debut line of performance sun protection is available for an exclusive pre-sale. The Sun Bound Collection, as its called, is available in three styles—short sleeve, long sleeve or hooded. Inspired by the company’s year-round sun chasing, the Sun Bound Collection is lightweight, ultra soft and, most importantly, protective. Rayward Apparel is finalizing production now and expecting the first batch of orders to ship out this summer.

“I’m unbelievably proud of the hard work and research that went into producing our first line of UPF apparel, but even more proud of the positive impact we hope to make as a business,” says Devin, alluding to Rayward Apparel’s commitment to donating 5% of all company profits to organizations researching and treating skin cancer.

About Rayward Apparel

Rayward Apparel believes staying protected shouldn’t mean staying indoors. Likewise, sun safety shouldn’t mean compromising comfort, style or performance. Focusing exclusively on UPF 50+ sun clothing, Rayward Apparel’s promise is simple: More Adventure. Less Exposure. Learn more at

UPF Sun Hoodie in Tidal Blue

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