When to Wear a Sun Hat

Sun Protection Hat for Women

Sun hats are a critical component of sun protection. When combined with UPF apparel and proper sunscreen application, you can virtually eliminate your exposure to UV damage. The key, however, is knowing when and how to protect yourself. Fortunately, when it comes to sun protection hats, the answer is simple: wear a sun hat as often as you can.

Not the answer you were looking for? Hear us out, and we’ll explain why you really should wear a sun protection hat all the time. Of course, we’re realistic and understand that you can’t always wear a hat. That being said, let’s identify when a sun protection hat is MOST important.

Most Important Day to Wear a Sun Hat

Before venturing out in the sun, be sure to check the Ultraviolet (UV) Index for the day. The UV Index measures the strength of the sun’s UV radiation on any particular day. UV Index values range from 0-12, with the higher number indicating a higher risk of UV damage. On days with a UV Index of 3-7, you have a “moderate to high” risk of UV damage and should wear a hat while also limiting your sun exposure, especially during midday hours. A UV Index of 8 or greater indicates a “very high to extreme” UV risk with the potential for skin damage in less than 15 minutes! In the U.S., many days fall within this highest risk range, and not only during the summer. Any time the UV Index is 8 or higher, sunscreen, UPF apparel and sun protection hats for women and men are essential.

To track the UV Index, we suggest bookmarking this site for easy access. You can also use the tool below to quickly lookup the UV index for a particular location. Try it now:

Most Important Time to Wear Your Sun Hat

The sun’s UV radiation varies throughout the day, with midday being the most intense. Depending on your location (and daylight savings), this midday “solar noon” window occurs between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you’re going to be outside for even 10 minutes during this window, it’s time to put hats on heads, in addition to broad spectrum sunscreen. During this midday period, the sun is at its strongest, and sun protection hats for men and women are non-negotiable. Choose one that’s lightweight and breathable and you’ll actually feel cooler, even when the day is hottest.

Sun Protection Hat for Golf

Most Important Activities for a Sun Protection Hat

The activities that most require sun protection hats for women and men are the activities that might require you to be outside on a day with a higher UV Index, or in the sun during the intense midday solar noon. Of course, this includes a huge range of activities, including sporting events, gardening, yardwork, fishing, running, concerts, festivals, barbecues, pool parties and so forth, but you get the idea.

It’s because this range of activities is so broad that Rayward Apparel is launching our first UPF sun protection hats for men and women. Made of UPF 50+ rated fabrics, our sun protection hats will keep you cool, comfortable and protected. Keep in mind that all sun protection hats must still be paired with broad spectrum sunscreen to ensure protection against indirect UV rays. Indirect sun damage can happen when the sun’s radiation bounces off of reflective surfaces, such as water, sand, cement, ice and snow.

Before you go, be sure to shop Rayward Apparel’s new UPF sun protection hats for men and women.

Bonus: To learn more about the UV Index, check out this informative video:

Best Sun Hat for Gardening and Yardwork

Sunny Flower Garden

Gardening and yardwork are extremely rewarding and healthy activities. To keep them that way, though, make sure you are sun safe and properly protected from UV radiation. To ensure safe gardening and skin protection in the yard, always wear a gardening sun hat with UPF protection. Keep reading to learn about our favorite gardening sun hat for UV protection in the yard: UPF bucket hats.

Bucket Gardening Sun Hats Don’t Sacrifice Function

Bucket-style UPF garden hats meet all the practical needs of working in the yard. The adjustable chin strap keeps your gardening hat in place, even when you’re bending over or working beneath low-hanging branches. Plus, they’re easily folded and packable for compact storage in a back pocket or gardening shed. Another reason our bucket gardening sun hats are the best is because they are machine-washable. This is especially important when they get sweaty or dirty. Or, do what we do and let them collect a little grime to show exactly how hard you’ve been working in the yard!

Lawnmower Cutting the Lawn

Bucket Sun Hats Are More Comfortable for Gardening

When you’re working hard out in the yard, whether it’s planting bulbs, watering the flowers, mowing the lawn or raking leaves, it’s important to be comfortable. You have enough to deal with fighting the bugs and weeds, and uncomfortable clothes would just add insult to injury. With that in mind, our gardening sun hats are designed to be lightweight, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This means you’ll feel cooler, not hotter, when wearing our gardening bucket hats. Plus, an adjustable drawcord makes it possible to tighten the width for a snug fit around your head. 

Bucket UPF Gardening Hats Offer More UV Protection

If you’re looking specifically for a hat to wear in the yard, a gardening hat’s UV protection is possibly the most important factor. Fortunately, bucket gardening sun hats are the best for sun protection because of their shapeable 360-degree brim. This makes them far better-suited for yardwork than a baseball hat, which doesn’t protect your neck or ears. The full brim of our best gardening sun hat protects not only your scalp, but also your face, ears and neck. Even with a 360-degree sun brim, remember to pair your hat with broad spectrum sunscreen to shield against indirect UV rays reflecting off of surfaces such as cement, sand and water.

Additionally, Rayward Apparel’s bucket sun hats forgo visible air vents for a lightweight fabric that breathes on its own without the need for eyelets. This is also better than straw hats which often feature a woven pattern through which UV rays can penetrate. This means you don’t need to worry about UV rays damaging your scalp by pouring through unnecessary holes in your gardening hat!

Lastly, our bucket gardening hats are best for sun protection because they are rated UPF 50+, which is the highest possible rating for UV protective fabrics. This means that over 98% of UV rays never reach your head because they are blocked by our gardening hat.

Sunny Garden with Orange Flowers

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF bucket hat is the best gardening sun hat because it combines function, comfort and protection. Next time you’re out in the lawn, whether taking a mental break from your computer, growing something delicious to eat, crossing off to-dos or just enjoying the beauty of nature, don’t let a sunburn detract from your outdoor experience. Choose a gardening sun hat that protects as well as it performs, like Rayward Apparel’s UPF bucket hat.

Guess what?!? Gardening sun hats are now available from Rayward Apparel! To experience the joy of gardening with UPF 50+ sun protection, shop our Sun Ops bucket hat now!

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