Short Sleeve Sun T-Shirts

Short Sleeve Sun Shirts by Rayward: Stay Protected and Comfortable in the Sun

A quality short sleeve sun t-shirt is an extremely valuable part of any adventurer’s wardrobe. While a short sleeve shirt doesn’t provide as much coverage as its long sleeved counterpart, it’s still important to ensure your torso is being protected with a UPF certified fabric. However, we understand that not everyone wants to wear long sleeves 24-7, which is why we offer many of our apparel collections in a variety of styles, including a UPF short sleeve sun t-shirt variation.

Lightweight and Comfortable Sun T-Shirts

Whether you are looking for a beach shirt, fitness shirt, or simple something to keep you comfortable on long days in the sun, we have you covered! While a short sleeve sun t-shirt will have a little less overall coverage than the long sleeve variation of the same shirt, the construction and UPF level are the same. We usually prefer a long sleeve shirt when outdoors, but if you decide to go with a short sleeve option, please make sure you have enough sunscreen to cover your arms. This of course is in addition to your face, neck and any other exposed areas.

When looking for beach t-shirts, a super lightweight polyester shirt is likely your best friend. For this, we recommend taking a closer look at our Shoreline Collection. However, if you want a casual shirt and value comfort over lightweight performance, check out our Crescent City Collection. Rayward Apparel’s Crescent City sun t-shirts utilize a bamboo and cotton blend for our lightest, softest shirts yet! You’ll find more information on both t-shirt collections below.

The Shoreline Collection is our go-to sun t-shirt for maximum comfort in the heat. Thanks to its UPF 50+ certified UV protection level and an ultra lightweight polyester design, you’ll be protected without sacrificing comfort. Our Shoreline Collection of sun t-shirts is moisture-wicking, fast-drying and breathable. These key traits make it perfect for nearly any outdoor adventure. This shirt is also great for fitness, exercise and outdoor athletics, especially in the heat. The short sleeve Shoreline UPF sun t-shirt will quickly replace any traditional beach shirts in your wardrobe to become your go-to for hot summer days!

Men's Red Short Sleeve Sun T-Shirt
Men's Shoreline Sun T-Shirt (Scarlet Red)

Named after our hometown and headquarters in New Orleans, the Crescent City collection is your ideal ‘everyday’ sun t-shirt. Featuring a unique tri-blend fabric of bamboo, cotton and spandex, our Crescent City sun t-shirt is unbelievably soft and comfortable. Whether on its own or as a base layer, you’ll want to wear this sun t-shirt everyday. Plus, it’s certified at UPF 45, providing an excellent level of UV protection. Although not quite as lightweight as the Shoreline Collection, the Crescent City sun shirts are still very light and breathable. Therefore, this too can be utilized as a beach t-shirt or thrown on before your next outdoor adventure to keep comfortable and protected.

Men's Blue Short Sleeve Sun T-Shirt
Men's Crescent City Sun T-Shirt (Icy Blue)

Prioritizing Comfort AND Protection

Whether you are looking for a beach t-shirt or simply trying to find a softer, more comfortable shirt for everyday wear, you can’t go wrong with Rayward Apparel. For more information on these and other sun protection products, please check out our shop.

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