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A sun hoodie is one of the best clothing options for all-day sun protection. Rayward Apparel’s hooded sun shirts offer all the benefits of a long sleeve sun shirt, plus a lightweight hood to provide head and neck sun protection. UPF-rated sun hoodies are an excellent way to prevent sun damage while also keeping cool and comfortable!

Our Sun Bound Collection of UPF Sun Hoodies

Our men’s and women’s sun hoodies are part of the Sun Bound collection of shirts, the popular style of sun shirts that launched Rayward Apparel. In addition to being one of the most comfortable UPF 50+ sun shirts you’ll ever wear, our Sun Bound hooded shirts are lightweight, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. These qualities are achieved through our specific tri-blend of cotton, bamboo and lycra, which also make these hoodies extremely soft and comfortable. The bamboo fibers are lightweight and naturally UV repellent, helping to increase the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) value without adding bulk. To further minimize weight while maximizing comfort, the hood is made of a single layer of UPF 50+ fabric, providing excellent head and neck sun protection!

Fit And Features of the Sun Bound Collection

The entire Sun Bound collection is designed with a tailored athletic fit. Not too tight, nor too relaxed, our athletic fit is perfect for providing range of motion while not leaving excess loose fabric that could otherwise create drag or snag surroundings. Additionally, each of the long sleeved shirts in our Sun Bound collection, including our sun hoodie, has sleeves that are cut longer than the typical long sleeve sun shirt. Plus, each sleeve has a discreet built-in thumb loop. This allows you to pull the sleeves over your hands to help keep them protected too. If you are looking for a more relaxed fit sun shirt, please visit our shop page. Both our Crescent City and Shoreline collections of men’s and women’s sun shirts are incredible options with a more relaxed fit.

The Sun Bound collection features a variety of colors and styles, and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. It includes a short sleeve and long sleeve sun shirt, and also the sun hoodie. All Sun Bound shirts utilize the exact same bamboo/cotton fabric, but the hooded shirt is our personal favorite as it covers more skin than the others, better limiting your potential exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

More Products to Protect Your Head and Neck

As far as UV exposure goes, the head and neck are often the most exposed areas of your body. This is why Rayward Apparel’s sun hoodies continue to be one of our most popular products. However, a sun hoodie is not the only way to stay protected. While a quality hooded sun shirt is certainly one of the best options, here are additional ways to ensure you are getting ample coverage:

A quality wide-brim bucket hat can go a long way in terms of sun protection. The brim not only provides head and neck sun protection, but also helps cover your ears and face. Our Sun Ops UPF bucket hat, for example, is available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. Additionally, each size features an adjustable drawcord to create the perfect fit. On top of shielding you from the sun, the lightweight fabric keeps you cool by wicking moisture away!

Our Del Mar UPF 50+ neck gaiter is soft, breathable and lightweight for all-day UV sun protection. Stretchy, tagless and versatile, our multi-functional tube headwear can be worn more than a dozen ways! Popular styles include a sun protection face mask, hood, headband, bandana, beanie and more! If you need a lightweight fishing gaiter, breathable UV face covering or sun protective bandana, consider our Del Mark neck gaiter!

 For more information on any specific products, including our Sun Bound collection, please visit our shop

At Rayward Apparel, our vision reaches beyond clothing. In fact, 5% of all online sales are donated to the Melanoma Research Alliance to help fight skin cancer. Your support makes this possible, and drives us to pursue our mission: 

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