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A quality neck gaiter is one of the most versatile sun protective accessories you can own. Our Del Mar UPF 50+ neck gaiter is soft, breathable and lightweight for all-day UV sun protection. Stretchy, tag-less and versatile, our multi-functional tube headwear can be worn more than a dozen ways: As a sun protection face mask, bandana, beanie, hood, and more*. So whether you are looking for a fishing neck gaiter, sun protection face mask, or simply a sun protective bandana to keep your neck protected, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a Neck Gaiter?

Neck gaiters have had a lot of different names over the years: fishing neck gaiter, tube bandana, fishing buff, sun protection face mask, and many more. But they are all effectively designed for the same thing: UV protection for you head, face, or neck (depending how you wear it). While they are designed to be lightweight and stretchy, they are also designed in a way that prevents UV penetrations and keeps your skin protected. 

We carefully chose our Del Mar neck gaiter’s dimensions to maximize protection, performance and fit. Its 16” length makes possible all of the wearable styles described above. Any longer would leave too much fabric for your neck, but any shorter and a balaclava style wouldn’t be possible. The 9.5” width is equally intentional, as this determines how well the neck gaiter fits around your head and neck. This width, paired with the fabric’s flexibility and stretch, provides a secure, but unrestrictive fit.

Rayward Apparel Hat And Gaiter UPF 50
Del Mar UPF 50+ Neck Gaiter, Cool Pink

Our neck gaiters are available in black, gray, navy, and pink. The navy and black neck gaiters feature a very small rayward apparel logo in a contrasting gray color near the top, where the gray and pink neck gaiters have that same logo but in a contrasting black color. While wearing it, we recommend having the seam run down the back of your head which puts the logo off to the side of your face.

Contrary to popular belief, the color of the neck gaiter does not have a significant impact on the UV protection level. Our black neck gaiter is just as protective as the pink, gray, and navy color options. Regardless of the color, all of our neck gaiters are certified at the maximum level of UV protection – UPF 50+. The high level of UV protection primarily comes from the fabric design and construction, not color.

UPF 50 Neck Gaiters
Del Mar UPF 50+ Neck Gaiter, All Colors
  • Ultra soft and stretchy
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Compact and stashable
  • Durable finished seams
  • Tag-free
  • Easy care: machine wash, tumble dry
  • One size fits all
  • Dimensions: 16″ long x 9.5″ wide
  • Weight: 1.6 oz
How to Wear Rayward Apparel's Neck Gaiter
Ways To Wear The Neck Gaiter

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At Rayward Apparel, our vision reaches beyond clothing. In fact, 5% of all profits, including those from sales of any neck gaiter, are donated to organizations fighting skin cancer. Your support makes this possible, and drives us to pursue our mission: More Adventure. Less Exposure.

* Rayward Apparel’s neck gaiters are not rated for medical use, nor have they been tested for their effectiveness at preventing the spread of disease, such as COVID19.

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