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Custom Orders of Rayward Apparel

Thank you for your interest in Rayward's Custom Order Program!

Thank you for your interest in Rayward Apparel’s Custom Order Program. If you are looking for a custom sun shirt or sun protective accessory to truly make yours, we can help! 

The custom order program allows us to take any of our current products and customize the design to fit your needs. You can produce a custom article of sun protective clothing while ensuring the same level of UV protection and quality you’d get with any of our standard products. Unless otherwise requested, we’ll remove any Rayward Apparel logos/designs from the outside of the shirt and custom print your own designs onto the shirt instead. Our team will help you throughout the process, including with assistance during the design process. We can help with logo placement, color recommendations and proofing to ensure everything is perfect before any production begins.

Custom Order Example

Custom Orders Are a Perfect Fit for:

  • Outdoor events / races / festivals: Customize the design of a sun shirt or neck gaiter to showcase your event while ensuring the participants/guests remain protected from the harms of UV exposure.
  • Businesses: Put your brand / logo on a shirt that separates your business from the competition. 
  • Bulk orders: Any other group or business looking to order high quality sun protective apparel in bulk at a discounted rate.

Why Choose Custom Ordering with Rayward Apparel?

All custom orders still come with everything that makes Rayward Apparel products so great:

High Quality Hang Tag

  • Every shirt will include the collection specific hang tag. This helps communicate the quality of product your customers are receiving. The hang tag provides information on Rayward Apparel’s mission and charitable commitments. It also provides product specific information such as the UPF value and product features. 
Hang Tag

Tag-Free Label and UV Protection Insert

  • These come standard with all custom orders, located on the inside collar of the shirt. This is a way to communicate to the customer that they are wearing a high quality shirt which is also certified to provide an exceptional level of UV Protection.
Tag Free UV

UPF Certification

  • All of our products are lab tested and certified in accordance with AATCC Test Method 183. This is the standard test method used in the United States. It measures the UV radiation blocked or transmitted by fabrics intended to provide UV protection.

**Please note: To be eligible to receive any discounts from our standard rates, there is a 100 piece minimum per color and style.

Tell Us More

Provide your contact details below for more information on our custom order program. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. We will work with you to collect all of the information needed to provide you with a custom proposal.

If you are not looking for a custom order, but interested in becoming a wholesale partner, please visit our Wholesale Program page for more information.

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