Does UPF Clothing Really Work?

UPF Clothing Effectiveness People Walking

Most people believe that as long as they are physically covered by a fabric, they are protected. All clothing has some UPF value. However, what most people don’t know is that the average t-shirt generally has a UPF value of 1-5. Does UPF clothing really provide that much more protection than everything else? The short answer – yes.

10x The Protection Compared To The Average T-Shirt

UPF clothing is designed specifically with sun protection in mind. If you compare a UPF 50 long sleeve shirt to a standard cotton long sleeve shirt you’d be surprised how differently they function. They might fit the same and cover the same amount of skin, but the UPF 50 shirt only allows about 2% penetration of damaging UV rays. An average cotton shirt at UPF 5 allows 10 times the UV penetration of the UPF 50 shirt.

Consistent, Reliable UV Protection

Washing Machines, UPF Clothing Longevity

Unlike sunscreen, a sun protective shirt will keep you protected for as long as you are wearing it, no reapplication needed! If you purchase from a reliable company that makes quality sun protective apparel, it will also last for years to come – saving you a lot of money in the long run. The cost savings are even higher if you are wearing a UPF 50 long sleeve shirt instead of a short sleeve shirt, keeping you from having to apply sunscreen on your arms every time you go outside. One quality UPF shirt can save you from buying dozens of bottles of expensive sunscreen.

With all Rayward Apparel products, we don’t use any chemical additives and the UPF value of our shirt will last the life of the shirt, although that’s not always the case with all UPF products in the marketplace – so make sure to do your research. There are two general ways to achieve a UPF value in clothing: Through chemical additives (not recommended) or through effective shirt design (recommended). 

One of the major reasons chemical additives can be concerning is because