Sun Safety


Blog posts and articles covering general sun safety and UV protection. UV exposure is directly linked to skin cancer, and definitely something we should and can avoid with smart sun behavior. This includes information about when sun damage happens and how skin damage occurs.

Sun protection is not as straightforward as it may seem, but these posts make it simple with best practices for UV protection. Plus, we’ll cover topics regarding daily and seasonal sun safety, answer frequently asked sun protection questions and more.

How Harmful Are UV Rays? Sun Over Hills
Sun Safety

How Harmful Are UV Rays?

The sun emits incredible amounts of UV radiation, make sure you know just how damaging it can be. UV shirts for men and women can help keep you protected

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Frost Reflecting UV Rays on Winter Day
Sun Safety

Winter Sun Protection

Does sun protection matter in the winter? The days are shorter and the air is colder, but the sun’s UV rays don’t take a winter break. In fact, staying sun safe requires year-round defense, and sun protection is just as important in the winter…

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Kayaking at Sunset with UPF Protection
Sun Protection Clothing

What is the Difference Between UPF and SPF?

You’re probably familiar with the SPF (sun protection factor) ratings found on sunscreen, but did you know clothing has its own UV protection rating system? You’ll see this rating, known as an ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF for short, when…

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