Sun Shirts


Not all sun shirts are made the same. In fact, not all shirts even have proper sun protective qualities. These posts will help you navigate all the advantages and differences of UPF sun protective shirts. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the world of sun protection shirts!

Sun Shirts

Represent Your Brand with Custom Wholesale Sun Shirts

We are excited to announce that we now offer custom wholesale sun shirts! If your employees or your customers are going to be outdoors, you should be selling shirts that keep them safe from UV radiation. How does the custom wholesale sun shirt program work? With our custom order program, you can not only get our amazing UPF certified shirts at a significant discount, but you can customize absolutely every element of the shirt to create the exact type of product you are looking for. You can choose between our Crescent City Collection of super soft bamboo shirts, and our Shoreline Collection of ultra-lightweight polyester shirts. Choose your color, customize your logo, choose logo locations, and even choose the shirt style. It’s the perfect opportunity to show that your brand values your customer’s wellbeing, while also ensuring your business is carrying the highest quality products the market has to offer. The custom order program is

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Hiking with UV Protection Sun Shirt
Sun Shirts

UV Protection For Hiking

Discover how UV protection hiking shirts provide the best sun protection for the trail, beating out sunscreen and traditional non-UPF outdoor apparel.

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