Sun Protection Clothing


UPF sun protection clothing has a wide range of options, from sun protection shirt to sun hats. Check out these posts for everything related to UPF sun protection clothing and accessories, including how UPF clothing works, why it’s better than sunscreen, how to care for sun protection clothing and much more! We even answer specific questions around UPF clothing, such as the best colors for sun protection and whether sunscreen is still needed.

Woman wearing sun hat at the beach
Sun Hats

Why You Need a Sun Hat

In addition to keeping you cool and comfortable, sun blocking hats protect one of the most vulnerable (and visible) parts of your body: your face!

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Sunset Paddleboarding with UPF Apparel
Sun Shirts

5 Reasons a UPF Shirt Is Better Than Sunscreen

We love sunscreen and we love sun shirts, but which one is better? Generally, a combination of both will be your best option. There are always going to be parts of your body which will need a touch of protection that a shirt won’t cover…

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Kayaking at Sunset with UPF Protection
Sun Protection Clothing

What is the Difference Between UPF and SPF?

You’re probably familiar with the SPF (sun protection factor) ratings found on sunscreen, but did you know clothing has its own UV protection rating system? You’ll see this rating, known as an ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF for short, when…

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