Sun Protection Clothing


UPF sun protection clothing has a wide range of options, from sun protection shirt to sun hats. Check out these posts for everything related to UPF sun protection clothing and accessories, including how UPF clothing works, why it’s better than sunscreen, how to care for sun protection clothing and much more! We even answer specific questions around UPF clothing, such as the best colors for sun protection and whether sunscreen is still needed.

Green Neck Gaiter Fabric
Sun Gaiters

What Is a Neck Gaiter?

Beloved for their simplicity and versatility, neck gaiters have been cherished long before masks were common. Find out what they are and why we love them!

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What fabrics block UV? Rayward Apparel
Sun Protection Clothing

What Fabrics Block UV Rays?

Not all bamboo shirts have a high UV protection rating. Learn how material, fit, style, and color all play their part in the UPF rating of a fabric.

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Sun Protection Hat for Women
Sun Hats

When to Wear a Sun Hat

Knowing when and how to wear your sun hat is key to preventing UV damage, so we’ll explain when sun protection hats are most important.

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