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A lightweight bucket hat is a great year-round option for head, neck, and face UV protection. The Rayward Apparel version of the bucket hat is a part of our Sun Ops Collection. This UPF 50+ Bucket hat blends performance with multi-season comfort and style. It’s a great summer hat, especially for long days sitting on the beach, thanks to its high level of UV protection and breathability.

Why A Bucket Hat?

So why do we recommend a UPF bucket hat over other variations of hats?

Bucket hats provide an unbelievable amount of shade, the reason why many refer to bucket hats as shade hats. When looking for a quality shade hat, you want one that can provide exactly what the name calls for – a lot of shade! Our bucket hats AKA shade hats feature a 360-degree brim wrapped around the crown, supported by a soft, shapeable foam layer. This allows you to angle the brim up or down to suit your sun protection needs. If a shade hat is what you are looking for, a wide brim bucket hat is the perfect choice.

With two different sizes and an adjustable drawstring, this makes for a perfect men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s bucket hat. For men and women who might be looking for something on the larger end, we have our L/XL sized hats with a 62cm circumference with a drawstring to allow you to tighten it as needed. And for those without a smaller noggin, we have the S/M size which sports a 58cm circumference. A girl’s bucket hat is obviously going to be a little smaller in size, but there are also plenty of men with a small head, so we made both sizes available in gender-neutral colors: navy and gray.

Summer hats need to be designed for the heat. This means in addition to providing shade, you’ll want your summer hat to be lightweight and breathable. Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops bucket hat features a lightweight polyester/spandex blend to keep weight down (and sun out). The unlined interior serves as a vent, minimizing trapped heat and allowing your head to regulate its temperature. Additionally, the polyester blend helps wick moisture away from your head. Your sweat, for example, will be drawn into the quick-drying fabric where it can quickly evaporate to keep you dry.

Last but not least, all of our products at Rayward Apparel are UPF certified. Everything we carry is lab tested to ensure they provide excellent UV protection, and our bucket hats are no different. Both of the colors we sell have been lab tested and certified at UPF 50+, providing the best level of UV protection you could ask for.

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