What Is Actinic Keratosis? And Will UPF Apparel Help?

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Actinic keratosis is not technically skin cancer, but is one of the most common pre-cancer signs. Like skin cancers, actinic keratosis is caused by exposure to UV radiation.

Spotting Actinic Keratosis

What Does It Look Like:

It may vary in appearance, but some of the most common signs are:

  • A small rough or dry patch of skin
  • Usually smaller in diameter than the approximate diameter of a quarter (about 1 inch)
  • Flat or slightly raised
  • Might be itching, crusting, or bleeding
  • A noticeably different color than the surrounding skin
  • Often found on head, face, and neck – areas where you experience the most UV exposure

What Causes Actinic Keratosis?

Like many skin related cancers and diseases, actinic keratosis is caused by UV radiation. Properly protecting yourself from UV rays will not only help reduce the likelihood of developing actinic keratosis, but other forms of skin cancer as well.

Exposure to UV radiation is cumulative over your lifetime. This means every bad sun burn growing up increases your likely hood of developing a skin cancer as an adult. For that reason it isn’t until adulthood that we see most skin cancers appear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t protect ourselves earlier in life. While actinic keratosis is usually found on people 40 and older, it can also appear on people much younger.

Preventing Actinic Keratosis

  • Keep your skin protected. If you’ll be out in the sun, use sunscreen or wear UPF apparel (UV protective clothing). Keep any exposed areas of skin protected from harmful UV rays.
  • Find shade, especially between the hours of 10am and 2pm when UV radiation is the most intense. We aren’t recommending you lock yourself indoors, just be smart and make sure you stay protected.
  • Don’t go tanning. Never. Tanning beds can cause just as much damage to your skin as the UV radiation from the sun. It’s just not worth it, regardless of how good you think you may look afterwards.
  • Do monthly skin checks. Know the ABC’s of skin cancer to locate suspicious spots and check for any changes monthly. If you find anything unusual, have a dermatologist check it out.

If You Think You Might Have It, See A Dermatologist

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Actinic keratosis can look slightly different on everyone. Here at Rayward Apparel we pride ourselves on helping our customers prevent skin cancer with quality UPF apparel, but we are not medical professionals. If you think you might have it, our recommendation is always to see a professional to have it evaluated further. Left untreated it has about a 5-10% chance of developing into squamous cell carcinoma. While that might be a minimal risk, it’s still too high to leave to chance. Getting it evaluated by a dermatologist is always going to be your best bet.

How Rayward Apparel is Helping

All of our products are certified at UPF 50+, providing the best possible skin protection available. In addition to our commitment to high quality sun protective products, we have a vision of helping with the greater good. 5% of all company profits are donated to organizations dedicated to the research and treatment of skin cancers – now and forever. In addition we work diligently to help create awareness around the dangers of UV exposure while promoting a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Best UV Protection for Fishing

UPF 50+ UV Protection Fishing Shirt in the Sun

The best sun protection for fishing is with UV protection fishing shirts. Not only are UV fishing shirts great for their reliable sun blocking performance, but they’re also stylish and comfortable. And let’s face it, the better you feel while fishing, the more you’ll want to keep fishing! Of course, UV protection fishing shirts aren’t your only option for fishing sun protection, but they are your best option. Continue below to find out why!

You Never Need to Reapply UV Protection Fishing Shirts

Unlike with sunscreen, UV protection shirts don’t need to be reapplied every two hours. This means less time putting on sunscreen and more time actually spent fishing. In addition to saving time, fishing with UV shirts will save you money. In the long run, and especially if you participate in extended outdoor activities like fishing, UV shirts can save you and your wallet from costly sunscreen purchases. Properly applied every two hours, a $12 tube of sunscreen may only last one day. After just a few days or weekends of fishing, your sunscreen costs could exceed the price of a quality UV protection fishing shirt.

Surf Fishing with UV Protection Shirt

Fewer Sunscreen Applications = Less Greasy Hands

Although modern sunscreens are much improved compared to those of the last century, they still have their flaws. A common flaw of sunscreen, especially for fishing, is the greasy residue that’s often left on your hands. Slippery hands are bad for several reasons while fishing, not the least of which is your ability to hold your rod and reel. Don’t let the big one (or your entire rod) slip away because you can’t keep the sunblock off of your hands. Instead, keep your palms grease-free and trust the dependable sun protection of UV fishing shirts.

More Than Just Long Sleeves

What’s better than long sleeves? Long sleeves with hidden thumb loops! Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection of UV protection fishing shirts feature hidden thumb loops. These ensure that your sleeve cuff stays at your wrist, offering as much protection as possible. While fishing, you’ll spend lots of time with your arms up, whether casting, reeling or toasting your big catch, so choose a UV fishing shirt that’s designed for an active person.

In addition to long sleeves and thumb loops, the best UV protection fishing shirts feature hoods. These lightweight, UV-protective hoods offer even more protection from the sun’s harmful rays. When you’re on the water, and especially when you’re fishing and looking out over the water’s surface, a UV-protective hood is important. With a hood, your ears and neck are protected from both direct and reflected UV rays.

Don’t Settle for Less Than UPF 50+ Protection

The ideal UV protection fishing shirt offers UPF 50+ sun protection. UPF 50+ is the highest certified rating, and is reserved for fabrics which block greater than 98% of UV rays. All of Rayward Apparel’s products are certified UPF 50+, providing the clothing equivalent of SPF 50+ sunscreen. However, in contrast to sunscreen, our UPF fishing shirts offer all-day protection from the instant you put them on.

UPF 50+ UV Protection Fishing Shirt in the Sun

Comfort Matters for UV Protection Fishing Shirts

When it comes to choosing your go-to UV protection fishing shirt, don’t skimp on quality fabrics. Look for something that’s soft and lightweight so you look forward to wearing it all day. Equally important, especially around the water, is fast-drying and moisture-wicking apparel. Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound sun protection hoodie offers all of these advantages with a lightweight, 170 GSM fabric you can wear all day long.

Rayward Apparel’s UV protection fishing shirts are available now in both men’s and women’s. They’re ultra soft, lightweight, breathable and provide UPF 50+ sun protection—ideal for day after day of fishing.

SPF Meaning And Dermatologist Recommendations

SPF Meaning

We love the sun, but the sun doesn’t love us back. It emits harmful UV radiation which is damaging to our skin. Fortunately, with the right products we can enjoy the sun AND keep our skin safe. Sunscreens are one of the most popular options, which are all rated with an SPF value. But what is the SPF meaning?

SPF Meaning

SPF Meaning

SPF stands for “sun protection factor”. It’s the factor in which that specific sunscreen is protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. So the higher the SPF value, the more protected you are. If you divide 1 by the SPF value it will tell you the percent of UV rays your skin is still exposed to. For example, a SPF 30 sunscreen will allow 1/30th of the UV rays to pass through, or exposure to about 3.3% of the UV rays. That means it’s blocking 96.7% of the harmful rays. And a SPF 50 will allow 1/50th or about 2% of the UV rays, blocking approximately 98% of the harmful rays. The same holds true for any SPF value.

For any SPF value, it’s assuming that you applied it correctly and are applying it often. Sunscreens generally last up to 2 hours before they need reapplication. And this time frame is shortened even further if you are sweating or swimming. So even if you apply a SPF 50 sunscreen in the morning, you’ll need to reapply at least every two hours to continue receiving that level of protection throughout the day.

While it’s important to understand the SPF meaning, it’s more important to understand what’s considered an acceptable amount of exposure. We all know SPF 50 provides more protection than SPF 30. And SPF 30 provides more protection than SPF 15, but where do we draw the line? For that, I lean on dermatologists and other skin care professional’s recommendations

Dermatologist Recommendations

The SPF meaning is one thing, understanding it is another. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your skin care routine, we would always recommend you first speak with your dermatologist. Every dermatologist has his/her own opinion and everyone’s situation is a little different. However, generally speaking most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, if not more.

For those at high risk for skin cancer and those previously diagnosed, that number is often higher. In general, the more protection you can get the better off you’ll be.

How does SPF differ from UPF

The SPF meaning and UPF meaning are nearly identical. SPF is simply the rating used for sunscreens, whereas UPF is the rating used for fabrics. The rating itself represents the exact same thing – the factor to which it protects your skin from UV rays. However, there are some slight differences in value. UPF products never need reapplication and are always broad spectrum, but can cost a bit more up front.

Rayward Apparel Donations
5% of all company profits are donated to organizations dedicated to the research and treatment of skin cancer. Learn more about how Rayward is giving back!

Here at Rayward Apparel, all of our products are certified to have a protection factor of UPF 50 or greater. Your clothing should do more than just look and feel good, it should also protect. In addition to certifying all of our products at UPF 50+, we are committed to a greater cause. 5% of all company profits are donated to organizations dedicated to the research and treatment of skin cancer.

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