Best Gaiter For Fishing

Kayak Fishing with Neck Gaiter

Around here, neck gaiters are considered essential equipment for any fishing trip. Whether it be a few casts from the pier or an all-day deep sea excursion, you just need one. That’s because fishing face masks are one of the best ways to protect your face and neck from UV rays. To help you find the best fishing neck gaiter, continue below as we spotlight our favorite fishing face mask: Rayward Apparel’s lightweight Del Mar UV Neck Gaiter.

Rayward Apparel's UPF 50 Fishing Neck Gaiters

UPF 50+ Protection for a Full Day on the Water

The best fishing neck gaiters are made out of UPF rated fabrics, which are proven to block harmful UV rays. Rayward Apparel’s fishing face mask is no exception, featuring UPF 50+ protection that blocks more than 98% of UV rays. This is especially important around the water because UV rays reflect off the water’s surface towards your face and neck. Therefore, when you’re on the water, you need protection from both direct UV rays pouring down from above, and reflected UV rays bouncing off of the sand and surf. Compared to sunscreen SPF ratings, our UPF 50+ rating is essentially the fabric equivalent of SPF 50. The big advantage, however, is not having to reapply UPF fabrics every two hours throughout the day. After all, you’re out there to catch fish, not a sunburn!

Extremely Soft with the Right Amount of Stretch

Another reason we love Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar UPF fishing face mask is because it is extremely soft against your skin, yet features the perfect amount of stretch and flex. This specific blend of synthetic fibers were chosen for their ability to stretch to fit around your neck, over your ears or over your entire head. Best of all, you’ll actually want to wear Rayward Apparel’s fishing face mask because it feels super soft against your face without any unnecessary seams.

Our Best Fishing Neck Gaiter is Lightweight

When you’re out fishing in the warm sun, you might choose heavy tackle, but the last thing you want is a heavy gaiter. Fortunately, Rayward Apparel’s Del Mar UPF 50+ fishing face mask is extremely light and breathable. In fact, it’s so lightweight, you might even forget it’s on! It’s easy to both breathe and speak through our best fishing neck gaiter, so you’ll be able to communicate effectively. This is especially important when fishing from a boat where verbal instructions or alerts need to be shared quickly. Therefore, choose a fishing gaiter that checks both boxes for lightweight and breathable performance.

A Detailed, Dependable & Durable Fishing Face Mask

At first glance, or when only viewed online, many of the most popular fishing gaiters look the same. However, when worn and viewed up close, you can really see the difference in the details. For instance, Rayward Apparel’s UPF fishing gaiters have finished seams for a more durable face mask. This gives our seams the strength needed to stretch to fit your needs. At the same time, it also provides a smooth-edged seam that you won’t even notice against your neck and head. Finishing the edges of the closed tube also prevents the ends from curling and unraveling, which can be a problem with inferior alternatives.

Finally, a Truly Versatile Fishing Face Mask

Oftentimes with clothing, especially outdoor performance apparel, less is more. This is certainly the case when it comes to designing versatile fishing face masks. You may have noticed some fishing neck gaiters hyping additional “features” like breathing vents, mesh panels, nose flaps, ear loops and so on. There are two common problems with many of these features. The first is that they can lower the UV protection factor of the gaiter. The second is that they can create weaker sections of fabric that fray and tear. We prefer the simplicity of a single layer of fabric that best performs its main function, protecting your skin.

Another advantage of Rayward Apparel’s streamlined fishing headwear is that you have more freedom in choosing how you want to wear it. The most popular style is to wear the gaiter pulled up to just beneath your eyes, which offers safe UV face protection from your nose and ears down. This is just one of many ways to wear our fishing face mask, however. Other popular techniques include wrapping it around your head as a hat liner, keeping it scrunched loosely around your neck, pulling it entirely over your head like a hood, or twisting it into a beanie. With its simple, closed tube design, you have many more style options available.* That being said, since our fishing neck gaiter is designed for UV protection, we suggest wearing it so as to maximize your sun protection.

How to Get the Best Fishing Neck Gaiter

Rayward Apparel’s UPF 50+ fishing neck gaiter is available now, and available in multiple colors.

Bonus: If you forget to wear your gaiter face mask and end up with a nasty sunburn, here’s a helpful video with some tips for how to treat your sunburn and alleviate the pain. If you only learn one thing, it should be don’t get burned again!

* Rayward Apparel’s fishing face mask is not designed to prevent the spread of disease. While perfect for fishing, these masks have not been tested for their effectiveness at preventing the spread of disease, such as COVID19, and should therefore not be used as an alternative to any approved face masks.

What Is The Best Sun Protection?

Sunset Reflecting Over Water

Effective sun protection is essential when enjoying the outdoors, but what is the most effective way to protect yourself from the sun? The best sun protection meets four important criteria: it’s affordable, consistent, effective and safe. Continue reading to learn about the best sun protection to protect against damaging UV rays: sun protection clothing.

Affordable Sun Protection

To be the best, sun protection must be affordable. Sunscreen and UV protection should not be cost-prohibitive, but gimmicky products and inefficient applications can make sun protection more expensive. At first glance, sunscreen might seem more affordable than UPF apparel. However, when you consider cost per application, the price of sun protection can really skyrocket. Fortunately, Rayward Apparel’s UPF clothing is an incredible value given sun protection clothing’s longevity. Plus, it’s available for multiple uses instead of a single application. Lastly, even when you need sunscreen, you’ll need less thanks to being covered by sun protective apparel.

Consistent UV Protection

Put simply, inconsistent sun protection is poor sun protection. If you forget to apply sunscreen, then you’ve just become extremely vulnerable to sun damage. The same goes for when you run out while at the beach. Or if a quick pick-up game of volleyball turns into post-game drinks at the fish shack, how long will your initial protection last? To ensure consistency with your sun protection, trust sun protection clothing’s always-protective measures. While wearing sun protective UPF apparel, you’re covered no matter what the day brings. Plus, you don’t need to remember to reapply throughout the day.

Surfboard in the Sand on Sunny Beach

Effective Sun Protection

The best sun protection is effective, broad-spectrum protection. Broad spectrum protection is necessary to block both UVA and UVB rays. Both UVA and UVB rays can negatively impact your health after even brief exposure. Therefore, avoid lotions that only protect against some UV rays. Instead, choose broad spectrum sunscreens. Likewise, ditch your standard cotton shirt for UV protective blends, like Rayward Apparel’s viscose from bamboo, to ensure non-stop broad spectrum UV protection. If you’re not sure about your clothing’s UV protection, check the label for its UPF rating. Be skeptical of anything without a UPF rating and look for UPF 50+ for the best sun protection.

Safe Sun Protection

To be the best, your sun protection needs to be safe—for both you and your environment. Many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that damage coral reefs and marine life. Even worse, some sunscreen ingredients are absorbed into your skin with harmful or unknown health consequences. Therefore, Rayward Apparel recommends sun protection clothing as your best sun protection because our apparel doesn’t damage you or your environment. Plus, Rayward Apparel’s UV protective clothing is effective both wet and dry. This makes it a safe alternative to coral-bleaching sunscreens with confusing ingredient labels.

By choosing Rayward Apparel’s sun-safe UPF clothing, you’re guaranteed sun protection that meets all of the criteria outlined above. Plus, you’ll have the comfort and performance benefits of our ultra soft, lightweight sun apparel.

For the best sun protection, choose sun protective clothing. And for the best sun protection clothing, choose Rayward Apparel.

What Color Is Best For Sun Protection?

Rainbow for Sun Protective Clothing

There are a lot of different factors that play into the UV protective rating of a shirt. Fit, fabric composition, weight, density, and sometimes even color. However, determining whether or not specific colors are more protective than others is not as easy as it seems. Continue below to see how color impacts the UPF of sun protective clothing.

Darker or Brighter is Generally Better

Hot coals

Dark and bright colors attract and absorb more light than their lighter counterparts. So if you don’t own any sun protective clothing and want to get as much protection as possible – lean towards the darker and brighter clothing options. However, this also comes with a downside. The darker the color, generally this also means it will generate the most heat. This can be particularly uncomfortable if you live in the south during a hot summer. The following YouTube video does a great job representing this dynamic using various colors of crayons in the sun:

So you want to stay protected, but you don’t want to bake inside your own shirt. Especially when you are actively exercising or playing sports, this can be a deal breaker. Good news is, you don’t have to choose between being protected and being comfortable. There are plenty of light colored sun protective clothing options out there providing excellent protection. You just have to make sure it has the UPF rating listed. Here at Rayward Apparel all of our products are certified at UPF 50+.

Color Can Sometimes Be Misleading

As mentioned previously, there are many different factors that play into the UPF rating of a fabric. If the shirt is too thin or stretched extremely tight you are likely not going to receive proper protection regardless of the color. The same goes with many of the other factors – if a shirt is severely lacking in one it’s possible the color will have very little impact. If your white shirt is UPF 3 and black shirt is UPF 4, that’s still well below the recommended protective value. Although it may seem odd, In these circumstances it’s best to simply wear sunscreen underneath your shirt to stay protected.

Color dye sun protective shirts

Also, while different colors have different UV absorption qualities, it’s not always that straightforward. The color of a shirt is made through a variety of color dyes. Sometimes the dye itself can have a bigger impact on the UPF rating than the color – so it’s possible your light grey shirt has a better protection rating than your black shirt. However, the only true way to determine the true UPF value of a fabric is to have it lab tested. All sun protective clothing with a listed UPF value should have been tested and certified accordingly.

UPF 50+ Sun Protective Clothing Provides Excellent Coverage Regardless of Color

In summary, while the color of a fabric certainly has an impact on the UPF rating it’s difficult to determine its true protective value without knowing it’s UPF rating. While all clothing has some level of UPF, oftentimes it’s far less than needed. If you are trying to make sure you get proper coverage, your best bet is to simply purchase clothing that has been tested at UPF 50+. Regardless of the color, if your sun protective clothing has been properly tested at UPF 50 you can rest assured knowing you are well protected.

How Can I Protect My Face From The Sun?

Woman's Face in the Sun, Freckles

When it comes to UV exposure and sun damage, your face is one of the most vulnerable spots of your body. Not only is it hard (and sometimes impossible) to cover, but it can also be difficult to check your face once you leave the house. Therefore, it’s important to leave your house with all of the essentials for safely protecting your face from the sun: a hooded sun shirt, broad-spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Continue below to see why each is critical for protecting your face from UV damage:

Protect Your Face with a UPF 50+ Hooded Sun Shirt

Believe it or not, the first step in protecting your face from the sun starts with your shirt. Consider your typical crewneck shirt. Your neck, and certainly your face, are entirely exposed to the sun. Even a collared shirt offers little to no protection for your face. For a shirt that actually offers UV protection for your face, wear a lightweight hooded sun shirt. With the hood up and over your head, your face is actually protected from the sun at multiple angles, which is especially important between 10am – 4pm. Plus, since UV rays reflect off many surfaces, such as water, ice and sand, you’re also more protected from below.

UPF Hooded Sun Shirt in Blue

Protect Your Face with Broad-spectrum Sunscreen

The next step in protecting your face from the sun is applying broad-spectrum sunscreen. It is important that your sunscreen be broad spectrum so that it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are linked to skin cancer. UVB rays, on the other hand, are most directly linked to reddening and sunburn. The consequences of both UVA and UVB damage for your face can be dire, so protect your face with broad-spectrum sun lotion. Most dermatologists recommend SPF 30 lotion. This should usually be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure, and reapplied every 1-2 hours

Protect Your Face from UV Damage with Sunglasses

After you’ve generously applied your face sunscreen, grab a pair of UV-protective sunglasses. The sun’s UV rays can severely damage eyelids, as well as your eyes themselves. Prolonged UV exposure to your eyes can damage the cornea or lens and lead to cataracts or other eye damage. Fortunately, it is easy to find and identify UV sunglasses, and a quality pair can be purchased for less than $50 USD.

UV Sunglasses for Face Protection

Protect Your Face with SPF Lip Balm

One often overlooked part of your face that needs protection is your lips. Your lips are very susceptible to chapping, burning and even skin cancer. Therefore, leave nothing to chance and regularly apply an SPF lip balm (aka ChapStick) to protect your pucker!

Protect Your Face with a Wide-brimmed or Bucket Hat

Hooded sun shirt? Check. Face sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Check. But there’s one final piece to top it all off, literally: a UPF hat, preferably a bucket hat or one with a wide brim. Your hat’s brim (or bill, depending on your style) acts as a shield from the sun, protecting not only your head, but also your face. Make a UPF hat the fourth component of protecting your face from UV damage, and you’ll stay cool and protected for a full day in the sun.

Lastly, just in case you need more evidence about the need for protecting your face from the sun, check out this video about the hidden dangers of UV exposure and your face:

By planning ahead and using all four protective pieces above, you can ensure protection for your face. Otherwise, you risk sun damage, burns, wrinkling, early aging and, worst of all, skin cancer. Don’t leave anything to chance with your skin. Instead, build the foundation for your face’s UV protection with Rayward Apparel’s UPF 50+ hooded sun shirt.

Why Bucket Hats Are Back for Good

UV Bucket Hat for Hiking

If you’ve spent any time observing hat trends at the beach, the great outdoors, music festivals, sporting events or even just on the street, you’ve probably seen our beloved bucket hat making a comeback. This is great news for several reasons, not the least of which being that a UV bucket hat offers excellent sun protection. If you’re ready to join the bucket bandwagon, but are concerned about bucket hats falling out of fashion, we’re here to share a few reasons why we don’t see that happening anytime soon. So let’s face it, and embrace it: bucket hats are back for good!

A New Breed of Bucket Hat Fans

When you imagine a UV bucket hat, if you’re still picturing something big, yellow and made exclusively for fishermen, then it’s time to look again! From NFL stars and world-famous celebrities, to rising musicians and music festival veterans, everyone is getting in on the bucket hat revolution. So whether you consider yourself a weekend warrior, outdoor enthusiast or extreme adventure junky, or if you prefer to shrug off labels and just do “you,” then you’ll appreciate the benefits of UV bucket hats.

Style and Substance Working Together with UV Bucket Hats

There’s something extremely satisfying about seeing form, fit and function all coming together. With our Sun Ops UPF bucket hats, we took lightweight, sun-blocking fabrics and designed a UV bucket hat that adjusts to fit you via drawcord pulls. Gone are the seldom-used but always bulky zipper storage compartments, and good riddance to the over-hyped eyelets which do little to actually vent heat when the fabric itself is breathable. Of course, the real beauty in the melding of style and substance is in knowing that our Sun Ops UV bucket hat blocks over 98% of the sun’s UV rays.

An Emphasis on Health and Wellness Means Bucket Hats Are Here to Stay

Never before has personal health and well-being been so prominent. Like most things, this brings with it both good and bad. First, the bad. The vast amount of research and information on healthy living sometimes makes it seem more difficult to know what’s actually healthy. Everyone is a self-appointed expert, and every minute brings new advice about what constitutes healthy living. Worse yet, we’ll hear that what was healthy last year is no longer as good as we thought! Case in point, look at sunscreen and the confusion surrounding what is and isn’t good for you and/or coral reefs. 

While there is a lot of noise in the world of health and wellness, we believe the need is real and the intention is right. The good news, then? Sometimes being healthy is actually simple. Take our UV bucket hat, for instance. It’s part of an obvious solution to a major problem that is skin cancer. Where baseball hats and porous straw hats allow UV rays to reach your scalp, ears, face and neck, a UPF-rated bucket hat actually shields you from the sun. Given the choice between A) suffering UV damage, B) staying inside or C) wearing a UV bucket hat, the answer is clear. It’s time you prioritize your own health and wellness by protecting your head with a UV bucket hat that fits your lifestyle.

Remember, Bucket Hats are One Part of Sun Safety

It’s still essential that you follow sun safety guidelines and pair your UV bucket hat with broad spectrum sunscreen lotion for your face and neck. As UV protective as bucket hats are, they can still leave your lower face and neck exposed, so don’t take any chances. Of course, mistakes happen. If you find yourself suffering from an accidental sunburn, here are a few ways to relieve the pain and discomfort of too much UV exposure:

If you’re like us and reveling in the resurgence of bucket hats, then we hope you’ll also join us in celebrating Rayward Apparel’s Sun Ops UPF bucket hat.

Best Sun Shirts For Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Rod and Reel

Of all our favorite outdoor activities, fishing might demand the most constant sun protection. Whether out on the boat, off the pier, from the shore out or in the middle of the stream, you’re exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays from not only above, but also from reflections bouncing off the surface of the water. Plus, the last thing you want for an eventful fishing outing is for it to end early. And especially not because of inadequate sun protection or fear of sunburn. Thus the need for comfortable, all day sun protection provided by UPF apparel. The question, then, is what is the best sun shirt for fishing? Continue below to learn about the long sleeve lightweight shirts perfect for your next fishing trip.

Lightweight and Breathable Fishing Shirts

A sunny day of fishing demands a cool, lightweight shirt that doesn’t feel heavy. It also shouldn’t make you feel like you’re trapped in a plastic bag. To address this, Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection uses a unique blend of natural cottons and viscose from bamboo. The result? Long sleeve lightweight shirts that feel equally appropriate fishing all day or grilling your catch.

Kayak Fishing at Sunset

Soft, Yet Durable UV Protection

For those relaxing fishing retreats, your best shirt is one that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection of UPF 50+ shirts, for example, achieves its ultra soft feel with a blend of cotton and bamboo viscose. Of course, a soft shirt is no good if it doesn’t last. Fortunately, our fabric blend was also chosen for its stretch, durability and resistance to pilling. As a result, it could be your go-to fishing shirt for years. Plus, it has easy care instructions so you don’t have to fear washing your sun shirt with your typical laundry. Talk about activewear with easy care!

Quick Drying and Moisture Wicking Sun Shirts

It’s hard to go fishing without getting wet, so choose a fast-drying shirt that wicks moisture and keeps you dry. Long sleeves are ideal for protecting your arms from sun damage, but when your cuff or sleeve gets wet, you need a long sleeve lightweight shirt that dries fast and stays light, allowing you to focus on reeling in the big one! Shirts made with viscose from bamboo, such as Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound collection, dry quickly to keep you comfortable.

Boat with Fishing Rods

Range of Motion for Easy Casting

The best fishing shirt is tailored to avoid bulk, bagginess and excess weight, but with enough stretch and room for movement so you aren’t restricted from making the perfect cast, over and over and over. A raglan shoulder and sleeve design allows for the maximum range of motion with both style and performance with your sun protective apparel.

Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Sun Protection

The final and most important factor in finding the best sun protection shirt for fishing is in the UPF rating. The sun can be brutal, especially out on the water, so look for the maximum UV protection signified by a UPF 50+ rating, which indicates an effective filtering of 98% of harmful UV rays.

Rayward Apparel’s Sun Bound long sleeve lightweight shirts meet all of the above criteria, culminating in the best UV protection fishing shirts. Cool, breathable, soft, quick drying and UPF 50+, our long sleeve sun shirts are your perfect fishing buddy.

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