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About Rayward

Rayward Apparel is committed to wearable sun protection and skin cancer prevention because you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort, style or performance for UV protection. 

All Rayward Apparel is UPF-certified to protect your skin during a full day in the sun. Whatever your adventure, enjoy it more with Rayward Apparel!

More Adventure. Less Exposure.

Skin cancer is the #1 diagnosed cancer in America, but it’s often preventable with proper UV protection. Rayward Apparel exclusively designs lab-certified sun protective clothing that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, style or convenience.

Our vision extends beyond clothing with Rayward Apparel’s commitment to preventing skin cancer. We’re proud partners of the Melanoma Research Alliance, the world’s largest non-profit funder of melanoma research, in our fight against skin cancer. Rayward Apparel donates 5% of online sales to the Melanoma Research Alliance, all of which directly funds MRA’s critical research.

Our Mission

More Adventure. Less Exposure.

The average shirt may cover your skin, but it does little to protect against UV damage. Rayward Apparel creates sun protective apparel that fits your lifestyle. Staying protected shouldn’t mean staying indoors, and it also shouldn’t inconvenience you with frequent sunscreen applications or demand sacrificing comfort and performance. Now, it doesn’t—shop our UPF apparel today!

Product Spotlight!

The Shoreline Collection

Soft, moisture-wicking and ultra lightweight!

Rayward Apparel’s SHORELINE collection features our lightest fabric yet, offering certified UPF 50+ protection with the perfect combination of performance and comfort.


3 Reasons to Choose Rayward Apparel


All Rayward Apparel products are lab certified to provide ‘excellent’ UV protection – the best level of sun protection and UV shielding possible. Simple and safe.


Our apparel is designed for the sun (and sweat), protecting your skin without compromising. It’s breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking and will become your go-to apparel for years.


It’s important we keep your skin protected, but we hope to do even more. Therefore, 5% of our online sales are donated to support the research and treatment of skin cancer.

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